How I got banned from

I am not the type of man to take things silently or just roll over when I see an opinion that is wrong or not based in facts. I also don’t take orders from people that try to silence me in such way. As can be seen on this blog here (mostly in Icelandic for the past 9 years). People who tell me to shut-up, as was done in this case (in August-2013) are the worst, what is worse then that is the fact that I got blocked from that on twitter because I did criticize her favourite actress or something of that nature. I don’t accept to be shut out of something that is completely legitimate for me to do. This more ever so applies to a person that is writing for a widely read internet website (one of the largest) of the western world.

How did I find out that I was banned today, I was trying to answer this message that I got.

The message that I was trying to answer. I will replay to it at the end of this article just in case. Screen-shot that I took.
Only to get this message telling me that I cannot answer this message because I have been banned. Screen-shot that I took.

The origin of whole thing

In August-2013 I made this comment on the Twitter profile of one of new new writer. Her name is Amanda Mannen and is one of the lower paid writers on cracked staff (in accordance with that companies policies in those matters). She has also made it clear that she is an radical feminist on twitter with all that comes with it. The message that she blocked me on twitter was this one here.

Nothing to see here, this twitter is boring. Screen-shot that I took.

The message that I left on this cracked article is equally boring. The message that I left was this one and this is rightful criticism of what is being written on website by this women. Screen-shot that I took.

The main comment that I left on website and that got me banned from it. Screen-shot that I took.

I also left the following reposes in the subsequent trolling festal that took place following my criticism on her writing.

This are all screen-shots I took. If you are wondering why I did this, the reason is simple. I learned over the years of my internet existence not to trust some people who have editorial powers. I did discover back in the year 2011 (or 2012) that was one of those places not to be trusted.

My comment is also so dangerous that it was reported and then she [Amanda Mannen] mocked it on twitter as can be see here [images below]. She viewed here own opinion in a public space and as such that is not below or above criticism. She also allows her self to criticize me. Something that I can deal with, as can clearly be seen. I at least did not block her until few days ago

Mocking, mocking. As can be clearly seen. I have blocked her from my twitter. Screen-shot that I took.

It is also interesting to notice that she claims that I said that she hates sex. As can be seen on my text above I never claimed that. I did just assoiate her with certain radical type of radical feminism that exists today. I never once mention sex or anything like that in my comment. She is making up my views here, this is not surprising, since this type of people are well known to do this. I have seen it many times before, and I am going to see it many times again.

The criticism angle website allows it self to criticise many things in its writing. Anything from films, jobs, people, careers and so on. The list is long and I am not going to name it all. This is all wrapped up in a humorous way and made consumers friendly and easy to read. This is all well thought out, this is commonly known as link baiting [No Wikipedia information on this yet]. This form of writing has the only purpose to get people to click on links on-line and generate advertisement revenue. So criticises most things under the moon, unless it gets them a call from the Secret service as has happened already.

What happens when you criticise the people and what is being written on Cracked website (they don’t use robots yet). Its quite simple. It gets you banned from website forever. That is what I can clearly and rightfully testify about. Since I made the attempt (see picture above) to criticise the writer staff. All I got was a ban from the website, what they got in return was more criticism on my own platform (this website). Since I refuse to be stopped by this single ban. While people jump on me and tell me that I am holding a grudge, it is worth noticing that they are publishing a public content for everyone to read. Such material needs to be criticised, even if it is in humour form. It is sad that it is good to say a joke about everything, it is also perfectly acceptable to criticise everything and the people behind it. Even on there own website, were it should be taking place. Since what they write is read by a lot of people and it has effect on a lot of people opinions. parent company has been criticized for its behaviour back in the year 2008, that can be read here.

The ban

What is interesting is that not only user name banned me. They in whole IP banned me forever. As can be seen here on this image.
Banned at IP level. Screen-shot that I took.

This has interesting angle in it self. Since as can seen above my message that I written was not ban worthy. So I guess they ban by the rule “when we fucking feel like it”. Criticism being evil at (it means that you are not good consumer doing your job!) the response becomes understandable. It also has dark prediction for this website and its future.

The future

For the future. I am sure that and other related websites are going to vanish in all sense of the word at the end of current internet bubble that is now ongoing. It is going to collapse one day and when that it happen it is going to be spectacular collapse, since the bubble today is massive. It is many times magnitude orders larger then last internet bubble from 1998 to 2001 at it high point.

As for me. I guess I am just going to continue to exist as I have always done. Regardless of bubble formations around me. When they go the way of the dinosaurs (when the bubble implodes), I am still going to be here. I may not get many page views, but at least I exists on solid ground. Not up in the cloud, were the fall is high and hard.

Legal notice to Cracked lawyers, partners and companies

This article, its pictures (screen-shots) fall under free speech in the U.S. A country that I have never once stepped into at this point in my life. My right to free speech and opinion are also protected by the Constitution of Denmark, where my legal home is. It is also protected by applicable EU/CoE laws. My views on website have always been within its terms and conditions, even if it did result in permanent IP ban on your website. I did read those a while ago and I did check on them before I started to write this article, so I would be able to quote your own terms. Legal matters can only be done in Denmark, where I reside.

I do know legal things, even if I don’t often use them.

Answer to B.Storms



I wanted to thank you for your answer. I do agree with your opinion. This is quite sad things that are being written there about this stuff. In a negative way too, sadly. Since the reality is different in most cases and far and long distance from the picture that is drawn up in this article.

I would have answered you on website and I did try to do so as you can see. But I have been forever banned from using its comment and message section. So I sadly cannot answer you there. So this has do the job in the case you find this.

Best regards,
Jón Frímann (jonfr)

Final notice

I was once going to write for website. I never did it for two reasons. The U.S Tax code and I always found something fishy taking place based on the set-up they use to select articles, as is covered in this news here. The thing about me as an writer is that I try to write good material. I don’t want to write junk on the internet, unless the occasion arises for me to do so (that almost never happens). So in the end I never wrote anything for and following this ban, I deleted my writing folder for and it is going to remain deleted. I was right in doing so. The workings at are explained here. The pay is bad and the work is heavy and that is not worth my effort and research that goes into writing a good article. Since good article is not something they are looking for, what they are looking for are keywords, as explained in the news article that I linked too. I am happy this did not work out for me (since I didn’t trust what I was seeing) at writing for It would have been awful for me and I would not have lasted anyway.

As for website. I am never going to read them again. I am going to ignore them until they meet the bitter end and vanish off the internet. Currently I am just in final mopping up procedures. This means I am just documenting and taking screen-shots of comments that are added to my comment on cracked. Nothing more, given that articles on website has the lifespan of 3 to 5 days (depends on popularity), I don’t expect to see more comments (at least not a lot more) with my comment on article.

My apologies for the long read, so thank you for reading the whole thing. If you have kindle device you can send it to it for free.

The Kernel is yellow journalism

There is less to the website The Kernel than meets the eyes. This news site appears to be nothing more than yellow pages of the Daily Express. I fully expect them next to start covering alien abductions and pictures of big-foot. There is an interesting information about this news site in the whois information. Mostly that the website was just created in 2011, so it’s news with less than 5 years running time. They are based in Germany and located in Berlin according to there whois information. There domain is also about to expire next month. They run no advertisement at all and have no source of income that I can see. They clearly do not sell subscriptions to the website that I can see. So how they remain funded is a big mystery to me.

The whois information:

Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-08-05 08:04:22
Creation Date: 2011-11-14 17:39:14
Registrar Expiration Date: 2013-11-14 17:39:14
Registrar:, LLC
Registrant Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Registrant Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Registrant Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Registrant Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Registrant City: Berlin
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 10997
Registrant Country: Germany
Admin Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Admin Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Admin Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Admin Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Admin City: Berlin
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: 10997
Admin Country: Germany
Admin Phone: +49.1725814448
Admin Fax:
Admin Email:
Tech Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Tech Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Tech Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Tech Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Tech City: Berlin
Tech State/Province:
Tech Postal Code: 10997
Tech Country: Germany
Tech Phone: +49.1725814448
Tech Fax:
Tech Email:

The Berlin 42 appears to be a company in Germany, but from a quick search on-line they don’t seem to make anything at all. I found there Facebook page and it’s close to empty with just 42 followers. Here are the German information about this parent company (what I was able to find and that was just about everything). There current style of headlines is in the manner connect with yellow journalism. The type of news papers that thrive and make it’s there business to manufacture scandals, there main agenda is not to inform people. There main agenda seems to be in my view to create as massive damage in there wake as they can. What is worse, they are succeeding in doing so.

Currently most of not all major e-book publisher have closed down there stores or simply just removed all of there catalogues off the internet. Regardless of content or if it’s offending or not. While I do not object to some control over what is published on-line in e-book (in accordance with local laws) it’s good to have to clear on that murder mysteries does not seem to create any controversy among people, yet for some reason when it comes to nude people it does and is easy to manufacture as an big scandal for sake of publicity (in this case Kernel website). The news of the sweeping ban can be found here ( and here (BBC News).

This type of journalism that is taking place at The Kernel “magazine” (or whatever) is not going anyone a favour and as I say before it’s creating huge damage to all e-book publishers. Sine now all e-book publishers are being punished for this type of news reporting. Regardless if they write erotica or not, that is clearly not to benefits of nobody. Expect maybe the people at The Kernel magazine (or whatever they want to call them self). There is little to say about yellow journalism, expect it’s disgusting and people who do such a thing should be ashamed of them self and take a course in ethics at some good school (I guess they won’t do that, they lack the ethics to do so in the first place). You can also be sure that The Kernel is a yellow journalism magazine, they have a “resident astrologer” in the editorial staff. This is just a codeword for bullshit and nothing else. This is what yellow journalism has and is a signature of any bad newspaper out there.

I had not published anything on the e-book platform yet, since things had gotten delayed for me in the past few days for reasons outside my control. While I had not published e-books yet I have my own publishing platform on this website here. I don’t write erotica, it’s not my field of writing. I write science fiction stories and I guess there won’t be a lot of romance in them (at least not for a while I guess) and if there is going to be a romance the stories, it won’t be long or of the nature the yellow journalism is loosing it self over at the moment.

As for the news at The Kernel, it’s just an made up scandals that they are pumping out to gain publicity and short lived fame. It’s nothing else and never was intended to be anything else in my view.

Italian police censor a comedian how posted a online saturate of Berlusconi

The Italian police have censored a Italian comedian for posting a online saturate of Berlusconi behavior as of late. This saturate also points out the fact that Berlusconi is a master of avoiding criminal charges by simply passing a law that avoid him landing a jail for 40 years jail sentence for political corruption.

Here is the text that the Italian Police did try to censor for Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy and a international shame. He is also a shame in Europe, as for his action part of Italy are in a bad state with corruption and crime problems.

Sequestrato dalla Polizia il giornale online Leggete l’articolo incriminato e ditemi se non siamo in uno Stato confusionale!

BLOG di VALERIA ROSSI – Non ho mai, MAI desiderato in vita mia la morte di nessun essere umano. Giuro. Neanche di quelli che mi avevano fatto i peggiori torti. Il massimo accidente che ho tirato a qualcuno è stato “ti venisse mal di pancia”.
Oggi, però, mi accordo di desiderare, dal profondo del cuore, la morte di Silvio Berlusconi .
Non solo: mi sento proprio disposta ad andarlo a far fuori personalmente.
Ma mi sento in colpa, per questi pensieri? Mi sento parte del “partito dell’odio”?
Nah. Neanche un po’.
Perché finalmente mi si è accesa la lampadina. Ho visto la luce. Ho capito la verità.
Non ci si può sentire in colpa desiderando che Berlusconi muoia, perché quello NON è un essere umano .

Dopo gli ultimi avvenimenti, compresi quelli di ieri (che Di Pietro ha definito un vero e proprio “golpe”, e che se non lo sono ci picchiano vicino), ho capito finalmente che il premier non è un industriale, né un politico (vabbe’, quel dubbio lì non mi ha mai sfiorato), né un delinquente o un mafioso: è un alieno dotato di formidabili poteri ipnotici.

Ha ipnotizzato una (grossa) fetta di italiani ed è solo per questo che è ancora lì, sempre lì, immutabilmente lì.
Di sicuro ha ipnotizzato Napolitano (che già l’aria un po’ predisposta ce l’aveva, diciamolo), che non si decide a sciogliere le camere e continua ad invocare improponibili dialoghi e impossibili rasserenamenti “per il bene del Paese”, quando è palese, evidente, lampante che il Paese è bloccato – e bloccato resterà – dalle ennesime vicende giudiziario-sessuali dell’ ET.
Ha ipnotizzato deputati e senatori che, anziché fuggire ululando sulla collina come dovrebbe fare qualsiasi persona normale di fronte al degrado morale in cui si sono ritrovati invischiati, si stringono intorno a lui, anzi tornano a lui anche dopo essersene allontanati.
Eddai, su: è mai possibile che una persona normale che aveva fatto scelte politiche diverse, che aveva preso le distanze da quello che in molti credevamo essere “solo” malato di mente (ma ora sappiamo che ha una mente aliena, quindi per forza ragiona in modo diverso dal nostro!), torni sui suoi passi PROPRIO quando ‘sto tizio si fa beccare con la manacce zozze sotto la gonna di una minorenne? No, non c’è spiegazione che tenga: né denaro, né promesse di posti o di cadreghini, suvvia: il normale membro di una società civile DEVE avere dei limiti. Anche all’avidità.
Quindi si tratta per forza di ipnosi.

La stessa che ha utilizzato probabilmente con le ragazze… perché, dai: una puoi anche trovarla, che per un posto in qualche Regione o Provincia si abbassi ad intrattenere sessualmente un viscido vecchio “dal culo flaccido” (che poi, vedete? Appena si allontanano un po’ dall’influsso alieno, le ragazze al telefono si rendono anche conto di quello che stanno facendo. Sono in preda ai dubbi): ma quindici? Venti? Cinquanta?
E’ ipnosi, ipnosi. Non c’è storia.
Non capisco come non me ne sia resa conto prima: forse, un pochino, l’influsso malefico aveva raggiunto anche me.

Ora, uno potrebbe dire: “Vabbe’. Ha ipnotizzato tutti, su questo non ci piove. Ma non potrebbe essere semplicemente un bravo ipnotizzatore umano ?”
Eh, no! Non può.
Primo, perché l’ha ammesso lui stesso, in conferenza stampa. Ha detto: “ Sono il recordman dei processi in Italia, nel mondo ed anche delle creature che abitano gli altri Pianeti “. Testuale.
Secondo: ricordate l’attentato? La statuina del Duomo, i denti rotti, la faccia tutta spetasciata?
Ma vi pare che un umano sarebbe potuto apparire in pubblico, pochi giorni dopo, senza neanche una cicatricina piccola così?!?
Quella è stata rigenerazione spontanea: oppure l’intervento di una scienza misteriosa che noi non riusciamo neppure a capire.
Niente a che vedere con il povero, buon, vecchio pianeta Terra.

Pertanto, Berlusconi va fatto fuori. Non “politicamente”, come ho sempre sostenuto quando pensavo che fosse un uomo, ma proprio fisicamente .
E siccome temo che molti, troppi italiani siano obnubilati dai suoi poteri, vorrei proprio pensarci io, in prima persona, a farlo fuori: certa che non verrei mai condannata per questo, ma insignita di altissime onorificenze (anche da quelli che finalmente, liberati dall’influsso, capirebbero di essere stati soggiogati da una forza aliena e si sentirebbero finalmente liberi, grazie a me).
Un’ EROINA, sarei. Mica baubaumiciomicio.

Solo che ho un po’ di problemi: come raggiungerlo, prima di tutto… perché avendo solo una ventina d’anni meno di lui, ed essendo quindi una vecchia babbiona, non verrei mai accolta alle serate di Arcore.
Come giornalista non posso neanche arrivargli vicino, perché si sa che sono comunista, quindi mi spara prima lui.
Devo pensarci. Si accettano suggerimenti.

E poi devo risolvere il secondo problema: come ammazzarlo, proprio tecnicamente.
Perché se quella del Duomo è stata rigenerazione spontanea, so’ cavoli amari: rischia di essere immortale o quasi.
Gli spari? Si autoguarisce. Lo avveleni? Va a sape’: magari l’arsenico, sul suo pianeta, lo vendono ai bar come la Ceres. Arma bianca? Eh… bisogna arrivargli vicino-vicino, c’è il rischio che finisca ipnotizzata anch’io. C’è il rischio che mi convinca a dargli un bacio in bocca, anziché pugnalarlo: così, invece di ammazzare lui, mi suicido io.

So’ problemi, eh. Bisogna studiarlo bene, ‘sto piano.
Ma prima bisognerebbe sciogliere il nodo principale: è lui che sa guarirsi da solo, oppure ci sono altri alieni sulla Terra, pronti a correre in suo aiuto e a resuscitarlo ogni volta che serve?
E nel caso, CHI li guida?
Qualche sospetto ce l’ho: La Russa, per esempio, sembrerebbe proprio uno che a prendere sembianze umane ci ha provato, ma non è che la cosa gli sia riuscita benissimo.
E di Brunetta, ne vogliamo parlare?
Potrebbe essere che ‘sta razza aliena sia molto più piccola di quella umana…e che allungarla sia un procedimento complesso: quindi quello che doveva apparire più spesso in pubblico l’hanno stirato un po’ (ma neanche poi tanto), e l’altro per niente. Gli hanno fabbricato sembianze più o meno umane, ma per il resto l’hanno lasciato com’era.
Ah, poi potrebbe essere anche una donna: tipo, che so, la Santanchè. Che, diciamolo, sembra proprio di plastica: tranne che per le mani. Quelle sono riuscite benissimo, sembrano proprio umane: forse è per quello che fa vedere le dita in continuazione.

Insomma, non è facile. Bisogna studiare, programmare, capire bene come affrontare il nemico.
Ci vorrà magari un po’ di tempo, ma io mi ci metto subito: e per favore, datemi un po’ una mano anche voi. Voi che avete uno scudo mentale, dico, e che non siete rimasti del tutto soggiogati.
Specialmente voi che abitate ad Arcore e dintorni…tanto per cominciare, guardatevi un po’ in giro.
E fatemi un po’ sapere se per caso vedete un’astronave.

This is taken from a Italian mirror, see here.

Here is the english translation. Done with Google Translate.

Before the Italian police tries to censor me. I want to point out that I live in Denmark, the domain is registered in the U.S and the hosting is done in the UK. The legal issues are high here. I also want to remind the Italian police of the Streisand effect.

More on this matter.

Italian Police Seize Blog Over ‘Kill Berlusconi’ Satire (