Banning prostitution only increases crime

So I am now reading that France banned prostitution in December 2013. Not surprisingly the ban was lead by high moral left-wingers who claim that prostitution is increasing human trafficking and that most or all of human trafficking victims end up in prostitution or sex related crimes. The fact however is that its not true, most victims of human trafficking end up doing other things then doing forced sex work, some due, most don’t. This myth that most human trafficking victims end up as sex trafficking victims is so bad that it can even be found in U.N reports on the matter. Many claims about human trafficking are myths that are made up for other political agenda, that is often not so nice in the long run. New Statesman has a nice article of it here. Articles like this one here are however based on political agenda and propaganda, they are creating a picture that is not there and telling news that are not based on reality.

I am sure there is a lot wrong with legal prostitution and many things can go better in it. Crimes do happen, they even happen in with parliaments, even with senators in all the countries that are now trying or have banned prostitution in past few years. Instead they deal with the criminals, they just don’t outright ban whatever the field the criminal activity takes place in. Yet, that is what they are doing with prostitution, they are banning it on the basis that criminal activity takes place in it. The people calling for banning of prostitution are using obscured circular reasoning to justify this action.

In the country where this ban against prostitution took place, something bad has happened. Not just the prostitutes that where criminalized in Sweden more then decade ago. In Sweden, the top country for extreme feminist is facing a problem of violence against women and that situation is not improving, since in the end political agenda does not care about its victims. That is what happened in Sweden, extreme feminist in Sweden with political agenda and its victims are the women it is supposed to be protecting. The problem with violence against women in Sweden is so bad that it has been noticed international levels [can be read about here and here].

In France they have just banned prostitution, all that they have done is to create a lot of new criminals and allow new gangs and human traffickers to operate within its borders. Nothing is going to get solved by this change in law in France, all that it has done is to make thing works. The ban in France and other countries is also about one other thing, that is not connected to this issue directly, yet it is, the sexual oppression of women, men are also being oppressed sexually, but not in this way as women. It is popular among feminist to blame this oppression on men, while the fact is that is only partly true. Most of this oppression comes from other women how are controlling other women sexuality by placing them self on high moral ground then other women, this is mostly used for political gain in society as control over the women population. This is also is applied to men today, but in more negative sense, that all men are “rapists” as is claimed by the most extreme feminists out there [see examples of this clam can be found here].

This moral high ground is also the reason why they are trying to ban porn, using the same dirty tricks as with prostitution. But that is a other article that is going to be written later.

If I offend anyone. Then I am so not sorry for that.

Golden Dawn in Greece must be stopped at all cost

It is clear by the news reports from BBC News that right-wing extremist group called Golden Dawn must be stopped at all costs. But Golden Dawn is nothing but neo-nazism (and Ultranationalism) group of people. Europe history with such thinking is terrible and Golden Dawn is turning out to be no different for Greece. But they target immigration into Greece. Being that legal and illegal one makes no different to them.

Any media that supports Golden Dawn in Greece is no media at all. Just propaganda machine for neo-nazism and for Golden Dawn. Any such media in Greece should be shut down instantly by law and not allowed to operate it’s neo-nazism propaganda. Groups like Golden Dawn are going to ruin Greece economic recovery, so far they have been doing a good job of it with there blatant lies and propaganda. For that reason they should be banned by law and arrests should be made on all those how supports this type of dangerous ideology. If the police in Greece does not want to stop it. The Greece military must step in and restore social order in Greece at all cost. If that fail, a military and police support from other EU countries must be requested by the Greece government.

BBC News on this issue

Alarm at Greek police ‘collusion’ with far-right Golden Dawn

Legal threats from an racist in the U.S

Do you know what I got in the email today. A legal threat, from an racist no less. I do not fear this legal threat, as this is type of behavior is quite common among those people how claim freedom of speech for them self. But once someone starts to make an counter points, or just flat out tell them that they are just plain racist. This is the response, threats and attempts to censor the critics. Any and all lawsuits against me can be nothing more then an perjury. As this man has no legal base to make his case against me and others how have been standing against his racism and human hatred. It is also well known fact that Donald E. Pauly (profile here) is under investigation for racism in Iceland, by the Icelandic Police since late January. I am going to assume that Icelandic police has or is preparing to forward this matter to the FBI. But I have already complained about this man to the FBI via legal channels. It is also worth noting that Icelandic Legal code (chapter XV. kafli. Rangur framburður og rangar sakargiftir.) does not favor his legal threats, as wrong claims or being sued on false claims can results in jail time up to 4 years, at minimum 1 year, or just plain fines for that matter.

The email threat that I got in the email now. One email address has been blanked out, as I do not got the permission to publish it. This picture is released into public domain. Anyone is free to use it anywhere for unlimited time. Just mention where you got it and my proper name. Click on the image for full size.

He has also threatened the newspaper DV with lawsuit already. People can read about it here (Icelandic). It remains to be seen if Donald E. Pauly makes good of his threats. As for my pockets. I am known to let them grow into considerable depths if I have to. But unlike Donald, I got friends how are willing to support me if its get down to it.

If Donald E. Pauly did think that this would stop me. He is wrong, this won’t stop me. I am just going to write more about him and what he is doing to fuel hatred on people. I have also contacted my hosting company and warned about him. They told me what needs to happen before I have to remove anything. It is also worth noticing that I never answer any of his emails. I just collect them in the case there is an actual lawsuit with everything that follows it (I’ve been to court before, so I know what this means in real life).

Update 1:

More legal threats in my email box.

This is the email threat that I got in the email now. One email address has been blanked out, as I do not got the permission to publish it. This picture is released into public domain. Anyone is free to use it anywhere for unlimited time. Just mention where you got it and my proper name. Click on the image for full size.

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The web hosting company that hosts racist material and does nothing about it

On the internet there is a lot of good stuff. But there is also a lot of bad stuff on the internet. Provided by people how thrive in hatred of others just for there own pleasure. Also on the internet there are hosting companies that provide space for this people to spread there hatred. One of this trash cans on the internet is an hosting company called (it says .com in the title of the web page, I guess that one point in time they forgot to renew there domain name). This web hosting company is hosting racist web site called (no live links). But it contains racist material in Icelandic. As it is pointed towards Icelandic people. This web site owner has already been sued in Iceland, along with its web site. More details on the web site owner of can be found here.

The hosting company in question does nothing. Except to break on those how complains about this illegal web site and forwards to complains to the racist web site owners, where he then posts the complains on his own web site. Where he has now put up the complains on a special web site, it can be found here [..]/negroes/comments/complain.htm. I was one of those people how did complain about it. Thinking that the hosting provider was an honest company. No such luck. The hosting company in question is as rotten and evil as the web site owner of the racist web site. As it forwards directly to him the complains emails that they where getting over this racist web site. Now the racist has posted my name on the web site, along with my current address and my mobile phone number (he got that from whois my domain name).

They also claims to be working on getting it down. But as you might have guessed already. Nothing happens. The consumer service center does nothing at all. In fact, all it seems to do is to forward the complains emails to the racist web site owner as I sad before. I have already complained about this web site to the FBI. But things do happen slowly in FBI land, so I expect this evil web site to be on the internet a while longer, and its owner to walk around free while that is.

I can’t afford suing this web site and its owner into oblivion, as I am poor my self. I do however not tolerate racism when I see, and I am going to do my best to stop it. Since the web site company that hosts this racist web site and does not about it. I look at that hosting company just as guilty as person who is spreading the racist material on the internet. This blog post here is to warn people about this hosting company so they can avoid doing business with it, or if it is doing business with it to move its business to an hosting company that does not support racist material on the internet.

On the terrorist attack in Norway

The tragic events that have taken place in Norway have left me sadden to know that in Europe we can still find people how can harbour that much hatred that they can take a life of a person. I offer my condoles to all the people of Norway and to the families of the victims.

It is my sole believe that all right and left extreme politics that should and need to be condemned in all shape and forms. That being sad that I must point out that right and left extreme political parties have had good success in elections in all Scandinavian countries in the last few years. The last countries where this could be seen was Finland, where a right wing extreme political party got good election and many people in the national parliament in Finland.

Sadly this is however no exception, as this has also happened in Iceland ,Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland as sad above. It is a clear that people of this countries must reject the right and left extremist ideology in what ever shape and form it comes in.

Only then, and only with that we can try to prevent a other attack in a different Scandinavian country as we just did see in Norway yesterday. Rejection of extremist is something that needs to happen. Not only in Scandinavia, but also in the world as a whole.

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Schengen crime wave is an myth put up by populist extremist

One of the arguments that DF did out forward for putting up new border checks in Denmark is to stop the crime wave that has been taking place in Denmark after an eastern Europe countries joined the EU and later Schengen agreement.

This crime waver is an myth in Denmark as it is in the United Kingdom (not in Schengen by the way). But an study conducted in the year 2008 by the UK police. What happens to be an myth in one place also happens to be an myth in other places too. So it an save bet that DF claims are nothing but an hogwash and lies. Something that the danish media should have spotted an long time ago.

This discussions and claims have also been going on in Iceland for the past months. The same myths have been claimed, along with the same lies. But the interesting fact here in Iceland is that even with many foreign criminals in icelandic jails, they only make up 22% of the total prison population. The rest, the 78% are Icelandic criminals. That number had risen from 8% since the year 2001. But that has nothing to do with Schengen, but the fact that in the year 2004 and 2007 many countries did join EU and many more people where added to the area that allowed free people movement inside Europe. Sadly, I do not know the statics for Denmark jails in this regards, my danish is not that good yet.

This has nothing to do with Schengen, but it is popular by the populist extremist in the politics to cast the blame in Schengen agreement. As it is easy to blame, and nobody seems to check there claims to see if they are actually true of not. That is why the DF gets away with telling lies in the Danish media as it has done so for an long time now.

Migrant crime wave a myth – police study (Guardian UK, 2008)
22 prósent fanga erlendir ríkisborgarar (Icelandic, 2011)