Industry of lies and greed

The music industry, along with the industry of TV shows and movies is a industry of lies and greed. Nothing is at is seems in it. Entertainment companies claiming losses where there are none. Making false reports on income and so forward. There is no wonder that now it carries 10 years of jail if you are found sharing tv shows, movies or music in Japan because of big industry lobbing. But lobbing is just a fancy word for bribes, corruption and illegal activities by big corporations.


Japan-based internet users who download copyright infringing files face up to two years in prison or fines of up to two million yen ($25,700; £15,900) after a change to the law.


But critics said that efforts should have remained focused on stopping users making such material available.

In Japan illegal uploads of copyright infringing music and videos carry a maximum 10 year prison sentence and a 10 million yen fine.

Sales figures suggest the country is the world’s second-largest music market after the US.


Japan introduces piracy penalties for illegal downloads (BBC News)

I am all for getting authors of artwork paid for the work, being an artist my self (I am a writer). But this is not the correct way to deal with the “piracy” problem. This has never worked in real terms. Sames goes for DRM and other copyright protection that is being used today on some MP3 (most have stopped using it) sales.

I found the above image on the internet. The claim that “piracy” is going to kill off the entertainment industry soon have been going on longer then I have been alive. I do not expect this lies to go away anytime soon. But I am sure that we can remove the corruption, bribes and all the lobbing the industry (and any industry for that matter) is doing today. As it damages the due progress of creating laws that are fair and good for society. That is what the world needs today. The recession today that was created by bankers is the clue we got on how wrong things are in the world at the moment.