The interference of religion into politics

France is now considering banning prostitution in the Swedish manner. A way that has not worked and only given criminals more power over the sex slave in every country that has applied this type of laws. Same is going to happen in France. But that is not what I am going to write about in this post. I am going to write about in short words how religion is interfering with politics in France.

The origin of current anti-prostitution debate in France has no basis in rights for women as is being claimed. The origin is mixed, seeking ideas from radical feminist movements in Scandinavia about victimisation of women that are the basis of that ideology. Crime do exist in the sex trade, as in any other trade in the world. But nothing is going to be resolved by banning prostitution as is being discussed in France. This policy making in France also has a religion ideology behind it. Just as in Scandinavia, where the religion ideology is Christian in origin. In France that ideology is however Islam in nature and has it’s ideas firmly in that basis, along with mixture of Christian ideas from Scandinavia and Sweden. This is dangerous since religion ideology has never worked and is never going to work. This is also going to fund criminal enterprises as it has done in Sweden, Norway and Iceland and other countries where prostitution is banned by law in various manner. This is true for the person pushing for the ban in France, a minister named Najat Vallaud-Belkacem how according to Wikipedia is „non-practising Muslim“. This claim she is making is clearly a bullshit, since there is no such thing as „non-practising“ any type of religion, they can claim it but it is a lie and fabrication. The reason being and this is specially true for Islam and certain branches of Christianity is that obedience and attendance is required by the people. Failure to do so often results in punishments and other social disciplinary actions of the peer-group him self. That is how religion is interfering with politics in France and is in fact pushing this ban forward even if there are no facts at all that support the claim that ban on prostitution is going to resolve anything or prevent crimes against women. The reality is most likely going to result in more crime against women and more human trafficking and sex trade by criminals.

In 2004 (or around that) South Korea banned prostitution on close argument grounds as has been done in Sweden and possibly now in France. That did not resolve anything and prostitution continues to this day. What it has done however is increase crime against women (how now cannot go to the police) and allow criminal gangs to exploit women. This is obviously working against interest of women, how are fully able to control with how they have sex with and for whatever reason they choose. It is also a lesson that moral police never works when it comes to sex. Lawmakers should also not control why people have sex for money and why they do so. For as long they are not forced into this, it should not be an matter of the law. I support laws around prostitution as can be found in Germany and Austria, since that law in fact protect women from criminals and allow crime against women and men to be reported to the police how then can deal with the matter in accordance to criminal law.

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Iceland new government to stop EU accession right away

It has been reported (Icelandic) by Morgunblaðið ( that Iceland new government is going to stop EU accession of Iceland right away. This is no surprise, since Iceland new government is made up of right wing extremist that are against EU and Iceland EU accession, due to there xenophobic views on Europe and other countries and cultures, in Europe and other parts of the world if it fits the agenda.

This is bad news for Icelandic people, as for the result of this they are going to see worse economic outcome in the next few years, how fast this is going to change depends on the market reactions to this news. It is clear regardless, the effects of this blocking of Iceland EU accession is going to be felt soon. It might be soon as matter of weeks, but no more then one to three months at most. It is clear that Icelandic people are going to pay greatly for this stupidly of voting this two parties (Independence Party and Progressive Party) to power again. It is going to be costly and messy affair that is going to make the current recession in Iceland last for more then 20 years, with capital limits and even import limits in the long run when things start get real tough in Iceland (this is a common response in Iceland to a repression, it is not going to be compliant with EEA rules).

Xenophobic minister of Ministry of Interior in Iceland

Ögmundur Jónasson is the minister of Ministry of Interior in Iceland. He is a xenophobic towards everyone that is not a Icelander. But not only that. He is also authoritarian in nature. For the past few months everything that has come from his ministry in Iceland only is about banning things.

What Ögmundur Jónasson has stated he wants to ban in Iceland or limit to foreigners how want to live in Iceland.

He wants to ban online poker in Iceland. Regular poker for profit is already banned in Iceland.
He wants to ban online pornographic material in Iceland. Distributions and owning pornographic magazines or other types of such material is forbidden in Iceland by laws already. He wants to censor the internet in Iceland in order to „protect the children“ as he explained it in the news.
He wants to ban foreigners from owning a house or a land in Iceland. If people how are not Icelanders want to own a house or a land in Iceland. They have to apply for special permit in order to do so. This is going to apply to everyone. Not just for people how are from outside EFTA/EEA/EU area (that Iceland is part of). He seeks to justify this by quoting danish laws in this regards. Danish laws that might not even be in force today.

This people have already been successful in banning strippers. Along with prostitution (Swedish model) in Iceland. Both bans have resulted in more problems they where meant to resolve. Along with making the ban on alcohol advertisements even stronger then it currently is in Iceland.

Since Ögmundur Jónasson became minister of justice affairs in Iceland. His suggestions on what to ban in Iceland has grown ever longer. It is unlikely that Ögmundur Jónasson is going to keep his Ministry after the election that take place in April. This is why he might be pushing out this wish list of bans he wants to put in place before the public remove him from office. But there is a great risk of damage he can do in this amount of time.

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Golden Dawn in Greece must be stopped at all cost

It is clear by the news reports from BBC News that right-wing extremist group called Golden Dawn must be stopped at all costs. But Golden Dawn is nothing but neo-nazism (and Ultranationalism) group of people. Europe history with such thinking is terrible and Golden Dawn is turning out to be no different for Greece. But they target immigration into Greece. Being that legal and illegal one makes no different to them.

Any media that supports Golden Dawn in Greece is no media at all. Just propaganda machine for neo-nazism and for Golden Dawn. Any such media in Greece should be shut down instantly by law and not allowed to operate it’s neo-nazism propaganda. Groups like Golden Dawn are going to ruin Greece economic recovery, so far they have been doing a good job of it with there blatant lies and propaganda. For that reason they should be banned by law and arrests should be made on all those how supports this type of dangerous ideology. If the police in Greece does not want to stop it. The Greece military must step in and restore social order in Greece at all cost. If that fail, a military and police support from other EU countries must be requested by the Greece government.

BBC News on this issue

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Why Anders Borg is wrong on Greece and the euro

I see the news that Anders Borg is calming that Greece is going to leave the euro in the next six months. To start with, Anders Borg is wrong and is going to be wrong. For Greece, leaving the euro would be a economic disaster on Icelandic scale. Dropping the value of the countries currency is not a fix. That is not even a temporary solution. Dropping the value of a country currency means that economic policies of that country have failed at some or all levels. While it makes export cheaper and increases it’s value in the terms of local concurrency. It also increases inflation, imported prices and interest rates. None of that are going help a country getting trough an recession like the one Greece is currently having. For Greece that would be getting from bad to worse in terms of economics stability and chance of recovery. Sure, there are going to be several bad months ahead for Greece. But then the pain is going to be over. As in breaking a leg always involves a pain before the damage can be recovered. But the responsibly of recovery lies with the Greece public. Not IMF or the EU. But with them self (same goes for Icelanders for example. But they are not getting it seems).

The problem with economists like Anders Borg is that there „science“ is wrong and it is adjusted to fit there newest models. Anders Borg is no exception it seems in this matter. So I am sure that he is going to be wrong. Greece is going to stay in the eurozone and get over the crises that way. I just hope that Anders Borg does not implode the Swedish krona while he is acting as a minister in Sweden.

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Industry of lies and greed

The music industry, along with the industry of TV shows and movies is a industry of lies and greed. Nothing is at is seems in it. Entertainment companies claiming losses where there are none. Making false reports on income and so forward. There is no wonder that now it carries 10 years of jail if you are found sharing tv shows, movies or music in Japan because of big industry lobbing. But lobbing is just a fancy word for bribes, corruption and illegal activities by big corporations.


Japan-based internet users who download copyright infringing files face up to two years in prison or fines of up to two million yen ($25,700; £15,900) after a change to the law.


But critics said that efforts should have remained focused on stopping users making such material available.

In Japan illegal uploads of copyright infringing music and videos carry a maximum 10 year prison sentence and a 10 million yen fine.

Sales figures suggest the country is the world’s second-largest music market after the US.


Japan introduces piracy penalties for illegal downloads (BBC News)

I am all for getting authors of artwork paid for the work, being an artist my self (I am a writer). But this is not the correct way to deal with the „piracy“ problem. This has never worked in real terms. Sames goes for DRM and other copyright protection that is being used today on some MP3 (most have stopped using it) sales.

I found the above image on the internet. The claim that „piracy“ is going to kill off the entertainment industry soon have been going on longer then I have been alive. I do not expect this lies to go away anytime soon. But I am sure that we can remove the corruption, bribes and all the lobbing the industry (and any industry for that matter) is doing today. As it damages the due progress of creating laws that are fair and good for society. That is what the world needs today. The recession today that was created by bankers is the clue we got on how wrong things are in the world at the moment.

George Soros be investigated for illegal financial acts

I call on governments everywhere to investigate George Soros for illegal financial acts. Acts against the global market. Attempts to destabilize currencies. That be mostly the euro but also the american dollar (USD). I base my opinion on recent news about George Soros calling for Germany to lead or leave the euro. It is clear that it is not something he is able to dictate in any way. Even if he is wealthy.

It is also worth noticing that economic growth of 5% is unrealistic number. In fact. All manner of economic growth is unrealistic in the short and long term. It creates bubbles and is the basic foundation for economic crises as we are seeing today. Status-quo is something that should be aimed at. Rather then economic growth that does not hold up to any realistic expatiation or facts in the long term.

It is also worth noticing that George Soros is only interested in one thing. Saving his self interest and nothing else. Just like any other „International financier“ (BBC News quote) out there.

BBC News on this

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EU should consider suspending Greece EU membership rights

As things are turning from bad to worse in Greece these days. With neo-Nazis group in the Greece parliament and a major political crisis looming in Greece. It is clear that if things do not clear up for Greece. EU member-states should seriously consider suspending Greece from the EU until such time they clean up there act and respect democracy and its rules.

This is most important given that the neo-Nazis group Golden Dawn has now entered the Greek parliament. Not only are they worst type of people. But they also threaten the free press, and anyone how is critical of them in the press. If they make it into government in Greece, that is going to be a disaster for the people in Greece.

Reports on threats against reporters that are critical of Golden Dawn in Greece.

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Russia is preparing for war in my opinion

From what I can tell. It seems that Russia is preparing for war. This starts with building up the military forces as Putin is now promising in the poll rallies he is holding in Russia at the current time. This is not an good thing, as Europe is the most likely target for Russia to invade. But also parts of Asia. But at current time is impossible to know how how are with Russia on this. Since I have my suspicions that this plan has been going on for few years now already. They use the common claim that somebody might be interested in invading Russia. But the fact is that nobody is. Besides domestic terrorism that is taking place in Russia. The world has less interest in Russia then one might think.

How do I know this is going to lead to war. The propaganda machine in Russia is clear on this issue. There are hidden signals in the news on about what is taking place in Russia at the moment. But when and how this war might break out is not something that I know at current time, as it appear to be only in its early stages. But I am sure that details of this plan are going to appear in the next 5 to 10 years or so. For now however. The only thing that can be done is to wait and see what happens next in Russia. As there is still an chance of this war plan failing before its even starts. But I have my doubts on that at current time.

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The rise of fascism in Switzerland

I see in the news today that the extremely right wing party in Switzerland is on the rise in popularity in coming election, as they are expected to get 30% in parliament election today. This is a sad news if true in history and for democracy in Switzerland. As fascism has nothing to do with democracy and is just a front for totalitarian government and xenophobic views of the world. It has been tested and only brings misery and disaster to the country in question. This is a history that all of Europe knows all to well today. Since it was the blood of the public that paid for this type of intolerance and politics.

I however fear that if the far-right party of SVP gets more power then it already has it is going to be a disaster for Switzerland. I would not be surprised if the last war in Europe is going to come from Switzerland. Even if they claim to be neutral. But that neutrality is being removed by the far right political party of SVP. The policies that SVP supports always ends with troops crossing the borders. The public in Switzerland should be wise to reject and throw out the SVP party forever. As I say. It is only going to end badly for Switzerland if they don’t. It might take few more years, but it is already moving rather fast in the worst direction possible.

Can Switzerland really go to war with it next neighbours. Yes, I would think so. In fact, I far that might happen sooner rather then later. But that would be the last war in Europe and would mean the end of Switzerland in its current form.

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