Facebook continues to allow violence videos

Facebook continues to allow violence videos on its website. At the same time it is banning something harmless as nudity on it, with a full force. Earlier I reported a video showing a women in hands of Al Qaeda or the fundamental extremist of ISIS (or what they are calling them self today). Daily Mail has news on this video and it can be read here (Warning! The video can be seen on Daily Mail website. I do not know if it is the full or edited version!). This video has been removed from YouTube where it first appeared (I think). The story with Facebook is different, they refused to remove this video and claimed it didn’t break any rules. The shameful excuse of claim can be read here.


This is shameful behaviour of Facebook and goes to show that they are not taking there responsibilities as social network seriously. For this I suggest a fine of no less then 300 million euros by the law authorities in Europe and U.S.


Video of women being executed by terrorists doesn’t violate Facebook Community standards.


Violence is no problem at Facebook, in fact, they don’t give a shit. Only nudity and human kindness is (that is removed right away).

Article updated at 16:52 UTC on 24-February-2015.

The new nude image scandal

So there is new nude image „scandal“ going on. What is the scandal is not that people posing nude in front of the camera. That is normal in my view and I don’t care about it. What is troubling is the idea that people think they have privacy on-line. It doesn’t matter who you are, when you are on-line, you don’t have privacy and you should not expect it. If you use any on-line service (name does not matter) you can expect what you keep there is going to leak. The reason is that security is weak and there are always going to be bad security flaws, bad employees, bad people, or some other factors that I don’t know about.

Digital material is easy to move around. Treat it as such. If you want to keep your stuff private. Don’t put it on-line on any on-line service. It is a rule that works. This is also basic security. Also forget about computer repair stores, they leak this type of images all the time. Here is one examples from few years ago.

Verizon staff arrested for stealing customer’s nude pics (The Register, Year 2012)

If you are a celebrity and into taking nude pictures of your self. Don’t put them on-line. This is also a good rule if you are just normal person. That way you can keep your privacy up to a point (remember, digital material is easy to move around).

Difficult decisions

I have had to make the difficult decision on moving back to Iceland. This happens due to tax issue that I am having and I am going to have while on social welfare from Iceland and living in Denmark. This issue is going to result in me owing tax to the Danish state and as things are now and are going to be for the next few years, that debt would only grow up to amount for me that I would not be able to pay. Since it is going to take me at least up to 10 years to start my writing career properly in terms of income from that work. Since I don’t want to collect tax debt in Denmark (they are the worst) I have made the chose on moving back to Iceland. This was not something that I had planned, but it happened anyway. I plan on moving back to Iceland in December-2014, it is going to take me several months (if I am lucky) to get social apartment in Hvammstangi (where I used to live and where I am going to live, for now anyway). So I am going to try and keep my geophone network in working order properly updated (the images) while this is taking place.

The technical description of the tax issue that I am having

Here are the technical details of my tax issue.

Iceland pays out my social welfare. I pay tax on that income in Iceland. Just like if I was living there, with the exception is that I don’t pay any tax to municipality (far as I know) since I don’t live in one in Iceland.

Denmark: In Denmark I am taxed as normal Danish person. They minus the tax that I have already paid in Iceland from the total amount that I need to pay here in Denmark. The tax breaks down in following parts.

I pay health care tax.
I pay tax to the Danish state
I pay tax to the municipality that I live in.

This amounts to around 900 DKK that I need to pay extra each month (total amount divided by 12 months) and it is just too much for me. I can’t afford this and the amount in terms of tax debt would just build up over the years until something bad would happen when the Danish state would finally take action against me. So out of the options that I had to make. I decided to move back to Iceland until such time that I have enough income on my own to live in Denmark and to have that income only taxed in Denmark and nowhere else. This is going to take me up to 10 years as I mentioned above. At least I now know what does not work when moving between countries and this clearly is one of the thing that does not work at all for me.

I don’t take this decision easily, since I like it where I am now. But I need to be able to afford to live in Denmark and for the moment I can’t afford it. I have now been struggling for two years now living in Denmark and that on it’s own has taken it’s toll on me. This was the last straw for me. It does cost a lot of money moving back to Iceland (I have to get a loan from my parents to cover part of that cost, that is around 2000€), but it is at least better than what alternative that I am facing if I stay in Denmark.

I plan on moving back to Denmark once my income matters are clear and stable and not based on social welfare. It is just going to take a good while until that goal is reached.

Updated: I am not going to be moving back to Denmark. I am now going to be moving to Azores Islands (Portugal) instead. The island that I have chosen moving to is the island of Flores, Azores Islands. When this move is going to happen I don’t know yet. Since I have to meet my income requirements before I move to Flores, Azores Islands. I won’t be moving there while living off social welfare from Iceland, it just is not possible to do so and too high risk (in terms of financially) for me to do so.

Update 2: This is just a plan. It might not work out due to one change or something might happen that I am not aware of today. So in 10 years time I am going to see if that I can move to Flores, Azores Islands. If I like it there, I am going to move there. I don’t expect anything else but to like it there. I however never know.

Update 3: So I just found out today that I can’t imagine to live somewhere else then in Padborg / Bov area. I still have be able to afford it. At the moment I can’t afford it. So I am going to move back here once I can afford it. That is going to take some 10 years at the longest in my estimate.

Update 4: I now don’t expect to be moving back to Denmark. As recent events in Iceland have showed me, it is difficult to monitor them from distance at the level I want to.

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Why I might not move to Germany

I never make a plan without having a backup plan attached to it. This particular backup plan that I have now started is connected to my earlier post on how I found my self in a big city and that I wanted to move to Frankfurt. If that does not happen for some reason, and it might happen for a one reason or an other. If my plan on moving to Frankfurt, Germany fails. My second plan is to simply move to Copenhagen in Denmark.

What is so dangerous to my plan on moving to Germany that it might fail. It is simple. I use the internet much today and that usage is going to increase in next few years as more video content gets on-line. In Germany, as in so many countries the phone and internet companies have started to add data caps to there internet subscriptions. In Germany that is around 300GB pr month. What I plan to do and what I am already doing on the internet requires good amount of bandwidth. Far more than just 300GB a month that is the top amount of data that is currently being offered in Germany. It is also a fact that service like Netfix (and Amazon, Youtube and so on) is going to take a lot of data and does so already. So when it comes down to it, something stupid and simple like data limit on the internet connection might stop my plan on moving to Germany. I however don’t know until the year 2020 at the earliest if I am going to move to Germany or not, if I wait until the year 2024 I might as well just stay in Denmark and move to Copenhagen. At that time the plan is going to go under a reconsideration if I don’t act on it by then.

On data caps in Germany

Flat-Rate Fiasco: Telekom Plan to Limit DSL Worries Berlin (Spigel.de, 2013)
Deutsche Telekom tweaks plan to bring in broadband data caps, throttling in 2016 (zdnet.com, 2013)
O2 bringing in broadband data caps in 2014 in Germany, power users face throttling (zdnet.com, 2013)

When I found my self in a big city

I have never lived in a big city and the reason for that is simple. There are no big cities in Iceland. Reykjavík only has a population of 120000 people (the whole area has a population around 230000) it is just too small for me. I have until now just lived in small towns such as Hvammstangi (Iceland) and in Bov [Padborg] (Denmark). None of this areas have population over 500000 [the total population of Iceland is just 322000 at the moment]. With Hvammstangi in Iceland being the smallest, with just of population of around 530 people when I lived there, the total municipality had a population of around 1350 people. The population where I now live does not exceed above 100000 in the Aabenraa municipality

When I am in a big city I feel good. I just can’t explain it. I feel like I belong. When I have stayed there. I have not lived in a city for a long time, the longest period that I have stayed in a big city is about one and a half week in Copenhagen. But it is the feeling that I get when I am in a city that I like. For that reason I have scrapped my older plans where to move. Now I am going to move to a big city and that city is Frankfurt am Main in Germany. When I am going to move. I am not sure. I for sure cannot afford it now and my best estimate on when that might happen is around 2024 around or after. I have been exploring Frankfurt with Google Earth, since it is one of the few places in Germany that has street-view (before it was closed down) and I like what I am seeing. I also want to move to Germany since I feel more compatible to German culture then I do to Danish culture. I am not sure what that is at the moment. I am going to figure that out later.

I do know what I plan is the correct move. I feel at lot better and I love going to Flensburg, Germany (the closest German town to the border with Denmark) and Flensburg is just a small town with population of 89.000 people. For that reason and the time spent in big cities I do know this is right for me. Since that is what I am feeling deep inside along with the sense of belonging to a city, rather than a smaller town or a village. Before I can move to Germany I need to learn some basic German. I already understand some German, since I’ve been living next to Germany for two years now. But I need a lot of improvement before I can understand it properly. I also need to increase my income, since I am never going to move to Frankfurt being just on Icelandic social welfare income. It is just too low for it. I hope that my future books help on this. Now I have at least goal to work with.

How I got banned from Cracked.com

I am not the type of man to take things silently or just roll over when I see an opinion that is wrong or not based in facts. I also don’t take orders from people that try to silence me in such way. As can be seen on this blog here (mostly in Icelandic for the past 9 years). People who tell me to shut-up, as was done in this case (in August-2013) are the worst, what is worse then that is the fact that I got blocked from that on twitter because I did criticize her favourite actress or something of that nature. I don’t accept to be shut out of something that is completely legitimate for me to do. This more ever so applies to a person that is writing for a widely read internet website (one of the largest) of the western world.

How did I find out that I was banned today, I was trying to answer this message that I got.

The message that I was trying to answer. I will replay to it at the end of this article just in case. Screen-shot that I took.

Only to get this message telling me that I cannot answer this message because I have been banned. Screen-shot that I took.

The origin of whole thing

In August-2013 I made this comment on the Twitter profile of one of new Cracked.com new writer. Her name is Amanda Mannen and is one of the lower paid writers on cracked staff (in accordance with that companies policies in those matters). She has also made it clear that she is an radical feminist on twitter with all that comes with it. The message that she blocked me on twitter was this one here.

Nothing to see here, this twitter is boring. Screen-shot that I took.

The message that I left on this cracked article is equally boring. The message that I left was this one and this is rightful criticism of what is being written on cracked.com website by this women. Screen-shot that I took.

The main comment that I left on cracked.com website and that got me banned from it. Screen-shot that I took.

I also left the following reposes in the subsequent trolling festal that took place following my criticism on her writing.

This are all screen-shots I took. If you are wondering why I did this, the reason is simple. I learned over the years of my internet existence not to trust some people who have editorial powers. I did discover back in the year 2011 (or 2012) that Cracked.com was one of those places not to be trusted.

My comment is also so dangerous that it was reported and then she [Amanda Mannen] mocked it on twitter as can be see here [images below]. She viewed here own opinion in a public space and as such that is not below or above criticism. She also allows her self to criticize me. Something that I can deal with, as can clearly be seen. I at least did not block her until few days ago

Mocking, mocking. As can be clearly seen. I have blocked her from my twitter. Screen-shot that I took.

It is also interesting to notice that she claims that I said that she hates sex. As can be seen on my text above I never claimed that. I did just assoiate her with certain radical type of radical feminism that exists today. I never once mention sex or anything like that in my comment. She is making up my views here, this is not surprising, since this type of people are well known to do this. I have seen it many times before, and I am going to see it many times again.

The criticism angle

Cracked.com website allows it self to criticise many things in its writing. Anything from films, jobs, people, careers and so on. The list is long and I am not going to name it all. This is all wrapped up in a humorous way and made consumers friendly and easy to read. This is all well thought out, this is commonly known as link baiting [No Wikipedia information on this yet]. This form of writing has the only purpose to get people to click on links on-line and generate advertisement revenue. So Cracked.com criticises most things under the moon, unless it gets them a call from the Secret service as has happened already.

What happens when you criticise the people and what is being written on Cracked website (they don’t use robots yet). Its quite simple. It gets you banned from Cracked.com website forever. That is what I can clearly and rightfully testify about. Since I made the attempt (see picture above) to criticise the cracked.com writer staff. All I got was a ban from the website, what they got in return was more criticism on my own platform (this website). Since I refuse to be stopped by this single ban. While people jump on me and tell me that I am holding a grudge, it is worth noticing that they are publishing a public content for everyone to read. Such material needs to be criticised, even if it is in humour form. It is sad that it is good to say a joke about everything, it is also perfectly acceptable to criticise everything and the people behind it. Even on there own website, were it should be taking place. Since what they write is read by a lot of people and it has effect on a lot of people opinions. Cracked.com parent company has been criticized for its behaviour back in the year 2008, that can be read here.

The cracked.com ban

What is interesting is that cracked.com not only user name banned me. They in whole IP banned me forever. As can be seen here on this image.

Banned at IP level. Screen-shot that I took.

This has interesting angle in it self. Since as can seen above my message that I written was not ban worthy. So I guess they ban by the rule „when we fucking feel like it“. Criticism being evil at cracked.com (it means that you are not good consumer doing your job!) the response becomes understandable. It also has dark prediction for this website and its future.

The future

For the future. I am sure that cracked.com and other related websites are going to vanish in all sense of the word at the end of current internet bubble that is now ongoing. It is going to collapse one day and when that it happen it is going to be spectacular collapse, since the bubble today is massive. It is many times magnitude orders larger then last internet bubble from 1998 to 2001 at it high point.

As for me. I guess I am just going to continue to exist as I have always done. Regardless of bubble formations around me. When they go the way of the dinosaurs (when the bubble implodes), I am still going to be here. I may not get many page views, but at least I exists on solid ground. Not up in the cloud, were the fall is high and hard.

Legal notice to Cracked lawyers, partners and companies

This article, its pictures (screen-shots) fall under free speech in the U.S. A country that I have never once stepped into at this point in my life. My right to free speech and opinion are also protected by the Constitution of Denmark, where my legal home is. It is also protected by applicable EU/CoE laws. My views on Cracked.com website have always been within its terms and conditions, even if it did result in permanent IP ban on your website. I did read those a while ago and I did check on them before I started to write this article, so I would be able to quote your own terms. Legal matters can only be done in Denmark, where I reside.

I do know legal things, even if I don’t often use them.

Answer to B.Storms



I wanted to thank you for your answer. I do agree with your opinion. This is quite sad things that are being written there about this stuff. In a negative way too, sadly. Since the reality is different in most cases and far and long distance from the picture that is drawn up in this article.

I would have answered you on Cracked.com website and I did try to do so as you can see. But I have been forever banned from using its comment and message section. So I sadly cannot answer you there. So this has do the job in the case you find this.

Best regards,
Jón Frímann (jonfr)

Final notice

I was once going to write for cracked.com website. I never did it for two reasons. The U.S Tax code and I always found something fishy taking place based on the set-up they use to select articles, as is covered in this news here. The thing about me as an writer is that I try to write good material. I don’t want to write junk on the internet, unless the occasion arises for me to do so (that almost never happens). So in the end I never wrote anything for cracked.com and following this ban, I deleted my writing folder for Cracked.com and it is going to remain deleted. I was right in doing so. The workings at Cracked.com are explained here. The pay is bad and the work is heavy and that is not worth my effort and research that goes into writing a good article. Since good article is not something they are looking for, what they are looking for are keywords, as explained in the news article that I linked too. I am happy this did not work out for me (since I didn’t trust what I was seeing) at writing for Cracked.com. It would have been awful for me and I would not have lasted anyway.

As for cracked.com website. I am never going to read them again. I am going to ignore them until they meet the bitter end and vanish off the internet. Currently I am just in final mopping up procedures. This means I am just documenting and taking screen-shots of comments that are added to my comment on cracked. Nothing more, given that articles on cracked.com website has the lifespan of 3 to 5 days (depends on popularity), I don’t expect to see more comments (at least not a lot more) with my comment on cracked.com article.

My apologies for the long read, so thank you for reading the whole thing. If you have kindle device you can send it to it for free.

Banning prostitution only increases crime

So I am now reading that France banned prostitution in December 2013. Not surprisingly the ban was lead by high moral left-wingers who claim that prostitution is increasing human trafficking and that most or all of human trafficking victims end up in prostitution or sex related crimes. The fact however is that its not true, most victims of human trafficking end up doing other things then doing forced sex work, some due, most don’t. This myth that most human trafficking victims end up as sex trafficking victims is so bad that it can even be found in U.N reports on the matter. Many claims about human trafficking are myths that are made up for other political agenda, that is often not so nice in the long run. New Statesman has a nice article of it here. Articles like this one here are however based on political agenda and propaganda, they are creating a picture that is not there and telling news that are not based on reality.

I am sure there is a lot wrong with legal prostitution and many things can go better in it. Crimes do happen, they even happen in with parliaments, even with senators in all the countries that are now trying or have banned prostitution in past few years. Instead they deal with the criminals, they just don’t outright ban whatever the field the criminal activity takes place in. Yet, that is what they are doing with prostitution, they are banning it on the basis that criminal activity takes place in it. The people calling for banning of prostitution are using obscured circular reasoning to justify this action.

In the country where this ban against prostitution took place, something bad has happened. Not just the prostitutes that where criminalized in Sweden more then decade ago. In Sweden, the top country for extreme feminist is facing a problem of violence against women and that situation is not improving, since in the end political agenda does not care about its victims. That is what happened in Sweden, extreme feminist in Sweden with political agenda and its victims are the women it is supposed to be protecting. The problem with violence against women in Sweden is so bad that it has been noticed international levels [can be read about here and here].

In France they have just banned prostitution, all that they have done is to create a lot of new criminals and allow new gangs and human traffickers to operate within its borders. Nothing is going to get solved by this change in law in France, all that it has done is to make thing works. The ban in France and other countries is also about one other thing, that is not connected to this issue directly, yet it is, the sexual oppression of women, men are also being oppressed sexually, but not in this way as women. It is popular among feminist to blame this oppression on men, while the fact is that is only partly true. Most of this oppression comes from other women how are controlling other women sexuality by placing them self on high moral ground then other women, this is mostly used for political gain in society as control over the women population. This is also is applied to men today, but in more negative sense, that all men are „rapists“ as is claimed by the most extreme feminists out there [see examples of this clam can be found here].

This moral high ground is also the reason why they are trying to ban porn, using the same dirty tricks as with prostitution. But that is a other article that is going to be written later.

If I offend anyone. Then I am so not sorry for that.

Ask toolbar spyware included with Java installs

Oracle has now started to spread Ask toolbar spyware with its Java installations. Oracle has a nice page on this here, making this look innocent and nice. The problem is that Oracle is lying and this is far from being nice. Since this is nothing but spyware and is going to create a lot of run-time problems with your browser. I am not the first one to cover this, far from it, an article on this subject can be found here with information on how to avoid this problem with the Ask toolbar.

Next time you install or update Java, the Ask toolbar boxes and any other software other than Java it self should be left unchecked like this.

Oracle Java Ask spyware check boxes. Screenshot that I took.

Oracle should stop doing this. I don’t think they care enough however to do so. So people need to stay aware of this issue with Java installs.

Why I am a poor person from Iceland

I have always been poor, my whole life. It is not my fault, it is because where I was born and from what my family does (my mother and foster-father) do in Iceland. I also have disability (short of) called Asperger syndrome. I also have poor ability to learn in school. All of this factors is something I had no control over. I also come from Iceland, something that I did also not have control over.

I have tried and failed to get out of this circle of poverty before. The main reason is that my income from social welfare has not increased and is now falling behind on what it costs me to make a living here in Denmark. I don’t know when this is going to be over, or if it is ever going to end for me. At least I hope so, since I don’t like to be in this place in terms of economics (I like where I live). Where I just make due over the month and nothing more. For the past year I have mostly been living on income that many consider below minimal threshold of what most people use. This has started to get to me in more then one way, not only makes this me feel bad. It also often prevents me from working properly on my writing, since I get all tangled up in my worries about money and if I can buy food during the month or not.

The economic principles of my problems

The economic principles of my problems are quiet simple. The benefits from the Icelandic government social welfare are not enough. By the Icelandic government own estimate (Icelandic and the link might not work) a single individual needs to have 291.932 ISK (1.798,94€, 13.420,93 DKK. Current exchange rate.) a month to have it decent if he is living in Reykjavík or capital area, this is without a housing cost. It is a little bit less if the person is living in a rural area or a town in other part of Iceland. For comparison what I get as social welfare today is around 159600 ISK (983,49€, 7.337,26 DKK). This small amount only allows me to pay my bills, current debt (getting lower by the month), rent and nothing more. Currently there is no interest by the government to fix the poor status of people on social welfare in Iceland. Since the current government has it’s ideology in laissez-faire and the idea that is based on making rich people even richer. A bad policy in my view and nothing good is going to come out of it. On top of that I am dealing with poor exchange rate that moves up and down a lot in short period of time. That makes it really hard for me to plan ahead in all this.

Trying to get out, it is just not working

I am trying to get out of this poverty. It is just not working. While donations that I get for my work at Iceland geology blog happen at random and some months I get a lot of donations, while other months I don’t get any donation at all. All I can hope for the year 2014 is that my first published short story that I am going to sell at Kobo help me. Along with more traffic to my short story website. Where I plan to publish more stories in the year 2014 then I did in the year 2013 if everything works out properly. I am also just hoping to win the lottery, it would help greatly in all this. At least I can just dream if nothing else.

I have looked into getting a job here in Denmark. But the companies are it seems interested in hiring people at low wages (under 18 years old of age) rather then to hire person like me at full pay. I also do not hold any degree since I do not function so well in school in terms of learning in the school system. I am trying to make my living off the internet by writing about what interests me. Making a full time income from writing on the internet can be done. But for me I need an eruption in Iceland before that happens, with the work that follows it. In quiet years as has been the case for the year 2013 it is just not going to happen for me.

I am an optimist by nature so I am not going let my current problems turn me down. But this is far from easy for me and has been dragging me down mentally for several months now. I just hope for the best and hope that the good news come one day. Via big lottery winning or an eruption in Iceland. I am going to keep being hopeful and optimist.

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The interference of religion into politics

France is now considering banning prostitution in the Swedish manner. A way that has not worked and only given criminals more power over the sex slave in every country that has applied this type of laws. Same is going to happen in France. But that is not what I am going to write about in this post. I am going to write about in short words how religion is interfering with politics in France.

The origin of current anti-prostitution debate in France has no basis in rights for women as is being claimed. The origin is mixed, seeking ideas from radical feminist movements in Scandinavia about victimisation of women that are the basis of that ideology. Crime do exist in the sex trade, as in any other trade in the world. But nothing is going to be resolved by banning prostitution as is being discussed in France. This policy making in France also has a religion ideology behind it. Just as in Scandinavia, where the religion ideology is Christian in origin. In France that ideology is however Islam in nature and has it’s ideas firmly in that basis, along with mixture of Christian ideas from Scandinavia and Sweden. This is dangerous since religion ideology has never worked and is never going to work. This is also going to fund criminal enterprises as it has done in Sweden, Norway and Iceland and other countries where prostitution is banned by law in various manner. This is true for the person pushing for the ban in France, a minister named Najat Vallaud-Belkacem how according to Wikipedia is „non-practising Muslim“. This claim she is making is clearly a bullshit, since there is no such thing as „non-practising“ any type of religion, they can claim it but it is a lie and fabrication. The reason being and this is specially true for Islam and certain branches of Christianity is that obedience and attendance is required by the people. Failure to do so often results in punishments and other social disciplinary actions of the peer-group him self. That is how religion is interfering with politics in France and is in fact pushing this ban forward even if there are no facts at all that support the claim that ban on prostitution is going to resolve anything or prevent crimes against women. The reality is most likely going to result in more crime against women and more human trafficking and sex trade by criminals.

In 2004 (or around that) South Korea banned prostitution on close argument grounds as has been done in Sweden and possibly now in France. That did not resolve anything and prostitution continues to this day. What it has done however is increase crime against women (how now cannot go to the police) and allow criminal gangs to exploit women. This is obviously working against interest of women, how are fully able to control with how they have sex with and for whatever reason they choose. It is also a lesson that moral police never works when it comes to sex. Lawmakers should also not control why people have sex for money and why they do so. For as long they are not forced into this, it should not be an matter of the law. I support laws around prostitution as can be found in Germany and Austria, since that law in fact protect women from criminals and allow crime against women and men to be reported to the police how then can deal with the matter in accordance to criminal law.

Blog post updated at 12:11 UTC on 30-November-2013.