Lies of the Eurosceptics in Iceland

There are many things going on in Iceland at the moment. For instance, Eurosceptics are having a field day because of the the Icesave dispute.

In english writing, the Icelandic eurosceptics have been trying to convince* the world, and mostly Europe that the Icelandic people will not join the EU. Even in reality, they don’t have a slightest clue what is going to happen when the accession treaty is ready and has been publicised in Iceland for a debate and vote. The truth about the Icelandic people however, is that Icelanders are generally open to the idea and principals of the EU and European identity. However, since the bank crash last year, Icelanders are trying to re-identify them self and at the moment many of us in Iceland are not quite sure yet what steps we need to take. This will sort it self out in the end, but it is going to take at least one year until a new identify of the Icelandic people starts to emerge from the crash last year.

During this time there has been increased anti-EU climax in Iceland. This has mostly been because of blame shifting in Iceland. Mostly from Icesave dispute. But also because many Icelanders feel that they have been unfairly treated because of the bank crash. Specially due that fact that Landsbankinn assets got frozen in the UK due to Icesave. This has also been aggravated by special interest groups like InDefence, how appears to work independent on the surface. But on closer look due have deep political connects to Progressive Party and Independence Party. Mostly to due a work that the political parties them self cannot do in public. This has been coming clear since InDefence was spotted lying about the basic facts of the Icesave dispute.

The blame shifting in Iceland has gone to UK, Netherlands and EU. In many people minds here in Iceland it is there fault that Landsbankinn fell and the system collapsed in Iceland. But when in reality, the fault it self lies with the Icelandic people them self.

That is what the anti-EU group Heimssýn and other small anti-EU groups have been focusing there effort on this pasts weeks in order to build the anti-EU attitude in Iceland. For the time being, this has worked sadly. But hopefully people will start to see trough this deception and see the real facts about what happened, not some made up events that never did happen in reality.

There is also the factor that eurosceptis in Iceland lie about EU and it’s policies and how it works in general. There also the ridiculous claims that EU is going to take over Iceland fishing rights and other natural resources. This claims have been going around in Iceland for many years now. The IP has been big in this claims over the years, with Davíð Oddssons at the front of many of them. But IP youth movement has also been keeping this claims in the debate. They even made a video about it for the election in 2003, suggesting that fishermen from UK, Spain and other countries would fish in Iceland EEZ because of the EU entry. This was a lie, but it was portrayed as truth in Iceland and in the end, for some people it just became that.

* Hjörtur is a known Eurosceptic in Iceland. What he is less known for is the fact that in 2000 or 2001 is created a anti-immigration political party in Iceland. His party failed and he go over to the IP when his political party failed in 2003 or 2004. He writes his bullshit into Brussels Journal today, and has been at it for a long time now.

My attempts to answer him there has not worked, as my account seems to have been blocked, even if I never did post a single comment there. The idea that I got blocked is based on the fact that my email account that I used got red-flagged when I did try to send them a technical request on why I could not log on into my account at Brussels Journal. I did get the request trough, I hope that I get a good explanation on why I appear to have been blocked from the site, even if I did not do anything wrong.

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