DMCA abuse on Youtube, Twitter and such

I am getting really annoyed by the hopeless legal system in the U.S. Specially since the legal system there allows for abuse when it comes to certain laws there. I am in this case speaking about DMCA laws. It is also interesting fact that the U.S wants to put this crap on the rest of the world with the ACTA agreement on copyright and piracy preventions, but they are currently pushing this trough WIPO that mandates that the member countries must take the agreement up as a law at some point in time.

When it comes to abuse the DMCA laws in the U.S are heavily used for censorship proposes, as the law require that the DMCA claim is acted on right away and does not allow for a buffer period to exist so the claims can be verified by the content holder or the person that the DMCA claim is used on. This loophole is used by both individuals, companies, religious groups and other how want to silence any and all how criticise them on any manner of subjects. It does not matter if the far use doctrine is in effect or not. The reason for this why this happens is also the fact that people, how are often the victims of this due not have the money or the resources to fight these false DMCA in court. They due file a counter claim, but in the case of Youtube account it does not help people, as in the end the Youtube account is banned according to Youtube rules. It does not matter if the DMCA claim has been counter-notified or not. Here is a good sample of that fact.

This DMCA abuse also extents to twitter, facebook and other sites today. Where some sick people have the need to silence criticism on there religion, crazy ideas and so on. Here is more reading material on the DMCA abuses and the effect that it has on the internet in the U.S and elsewhere in the world.

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Text updated at 08:24 UTC on 27th of April 2010.