Facebook doesn’t want you to speak about your privacy on Facebook

This is a quite interesting fact. But it seems that Facebook doesn’t seem to want you to speak about your privacy on Facebook. Specially on how to make your privacy settings stronger on Facebook. All such guides or help tips provided over Facebook gets automatically blocked by Facebook, both in Facebook Chat and in messages or by posting them on your wall. I have tested the message and the Facebook chat already. The message on the wall is based on those facts, but remains untested today by me.

I say that there is something is bad in Facebook headquarters and it needs investigating by the authorities, as it is not normal or legal to block people from increasing there privacy or give them tips about it with there friends on Facebook.

People can easily test the Facebook word block on privacy (it also blocks links in this regards it seems), just use privacy and some manner to relate that to Facebook and it’s lack of privacy controls or settings.