Facebook caves in, censorship starts

It looks like that Facebook has censorship the group Everybody draw a Mohammed day and closed it down. It is a real same that Facebook backed down and caved into treats by fundamentalists and cowards from the muslim world that demand that we follow there own rules, that in fact only applies to the muslim faith. But not to other individuals of other religion, or perhaps lack there of. It is also serious matter that Facebook has violated the first amendment of the U.S constitution by removing the Facebook group. That they them self did say that did not violate there own terms and rules. Given that, it seems clear to me that removing that group was nothing more then act of pure censorship on Facebook side, in order to please the muslim world by caving into treats and demands.

It is clear that non-muslim are not required to follow the rules of the holy (yea right) book of islam (the Qur’an). Demanding that non-muslim do so is a demand that is a violation of chose for the free western world. Such demand is also a violation of free speech that is guaranteed in the western world and by human right standards.

Those muslims how want to censor the western world, and there own countries for that matter I have only one thing to day. Fuck off and don’t come back! I also suggest that you put your threats into the trash and keep them there, because I have grown tiered of being afraid of you and your demand for submission of the western world. It is now clear to me that muslim that demands submission and want to me respect there rules are demanding something that I cannot agree too follow on. I have mentioned the reasons above.

Please have in mind that with the free world comes responsibility. But that is not the same thing as outright censorship that we are currently seeing at the moment.