The draconian Facebook control of users accounts

There is one thing to be sad about Facebook. They are draconian in control. It appears that they have limits that nobody knows how are. There are many examples of people being banned from Facebook for adding too many users, or not. As nobody knows how many users you can add on a day before you get a warning. I got my first warning on this. But I do not add fifty or more people on a day. I am lucky if I get five more people to my friend list during the whole week. Some days I add more people then others. But most of the time, I add few or get added few times.

This authoritarian and draconian behavior of Facebook is quite interesting, as is does not but alienate people from using people and moving back or MySpace that does not have this limits in place far as I know. It is clear that Facebook is currently on it’s peak, with over 500 million users. But the question remains how long that popularity is going to last. As people don’t like to be ordered around by a social networking site, that tries to control who and how the make new friends over the internet. But the internet connects the world together, forms new friends ships and all that. Current behavior of Facebook has only one result in the end. Bankruptcy of Facebook in three to five years, depending on when and how the peak of Facebook popularity stops and dies out.

I am going to retain my Facebook account. Unless Facebook deletes it or suspends from me, for making new friends too fast in there own opinion.

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