The religion bullshit

The religious people have done it again. What they have done is proving to the world how pig headed, arrogant, ignorant and narrow mined they really are. But more importantly, the religious people are constantly whining about how holy there books are and there religion is being dishonored by people from other religion groups or by atheist how don’t believe in any god at all.

The problem with religion is that it assumes that it is always correct in everything everywhere. It does not matter what religion we are speaking about. They all claim this in one way or the other. But the fact of the matter is quite simple. All religion is wrong, and always has been. The thing about religion is does not change. The religion today is more or less the same as it was in the middle ages, nearly 1500 years later. The social changes that have happened since the religion was written down into unchangeable form in the middle ages.

Weak religion

Religion is weak. That is why all religion use some form of violence to keep people in there religion. Thankfully this is not such a big deal in regards to christianity in the western world, but none the less in many cultures that are christian around the world. Leaving it means that you are a outcast, you are cut from your family, friends and everyone you know. Muslims are not even so lucky, as leaving islam not only means death for you. But it also can mean death for your family and even your friends. It is quite clear that people don’t risk there lives and of there relatives if they can avoid it. That is why many people don’t leave religion even if they wanted to.

Religion of violence

All religions use one tool above others to keep people quiet and orderly. But that tool is violence, and a lot of it. Suicide bombers, attacks with machine guns, terrorism and all shorts of other types of violence is used to keep people quiet and obedience to religion. But it does not even stop there. Religions wage wars that kills thousands of people of every year. Christians, Muslims and other religions are attacking each others today by burning down each other holy building and killing people of different religion. It is clear that in religion there is no respect for human life. Despite what religions them self claim on occasions. It is also a fact how religion is used to censor people and free ideas. For instant the fact that islam countries tried to censor Denmark because cartoon artist there did draw a cartoon of Muhammad. Today the cartoon artist are still in danger with there life because of religious extremist how want to kill them for insulting a long dead person how did just copy one religion to make his own (the religion copied is Christianity).

This does not end there. But nearly all religions are used to oppress women and remove there human right, and there right to choose. Worst is this is countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, where women have no right at all and are prevented to educate them self (Afghanistan mostly in this case). The risk for women is great in this case, they risk death. But also acid attacks by extremist religious people.

Religion is a parasite on society

Given all the facts and figures. It is quite clear that religion is a parasite on society and always has been. In my opinion is a time for the human race to get ride it self of this parasite, as religion is a big waste of time and human resources that could be used to solve the problems of Africa and other countries. Religions cost society billions each year. It is a fact that religion is a big business that makes billions of dollars each year. It however ignores the human cost what comes from religions. People how loose there live due to religion and the ignorance that always follows in its footstep.

A warning to unborn generations of humans

The holy books of religions should not be burned as many people want. The holy books of religions should be put into a museum as a warning to coming generations on what we should not do and as a example of what has actually worked badly for the human race. As it a fact that I cannot think of a single good that has ever come out of religion since it was invented thousands of years ago by humans to explain there world as it was. Today we have better tools to explain the world and we don’t need the wrong and bad ideas of our ancestors to explains it. It is a time to move forward has a human race, we can do that by removing religion from our collective societies to make a better world.

The news that did spark the writing of this blog article.

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