The security shame of Facebook

It is clear that Facebook is having a problem that they don’t want to talk about. The problem is hacking activity and the inability of Facebook to help users recover there accounts that have been hacked. The hacker in question changes the user name to „Hujan Kemarin“. But it does not stop there. He also changes the email address on the user in question, along with password and other information if he needs to.

This is obviously a problem for both users and Facebook. But the issue does not just end there. The issue is also that Facebook does not provide a users the tools or the way to recover there Facebook accounts. But the current solution that Facebook provides is compleatly useless in recovering the hacked account.

Here is the standard email that they send out to people dealing with this issue.


Thank you for taking the time to submit a report. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues logging in to the site. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to every email at this time, but we are reading your reports. Please view the following information to help you find your account and try resetting your password again. Be sure to try every option if you haven’t already done so.

1. Ask one of your Facebook friends to view your profile and send you the email address listed on your account. To do this, ask your friend to click on the „Info“ tab on your Profile page and scroll down to „Contact Information.“

2. In option 1, try entering every email address that you have ever owned (one email address at a time). You may have added an email address to your account and forgotten it.

3. In option 1, try entering your current mobile number and all of your past mobile numbers (one number at a time).

4. In option 2, try entering your username. A username is your personalized Facebook URL (web address) and appears in the location bar of your browser after „“ when you view your profile. If you don’t know your username, you can have a Facebook friend view your profile and tell you what your username is.

5. In option 3, try a variety of names. For the „Your name“ section, try entering variations for your name. You may have signed up for a nickname and forgotten about it. You should also try a variety of friends if the first friend you enter doesn’t locate an account.

Thanks for contacting Facebook, The Facebook Team

The word for this in the simple term is quite simple. They do not care about this issue and choose to do nothing about it.

The question on how the accounts are compromised is simple. The method here is quite simple. The hacker or the hackers use a exploit in Internet Explorer (version 8 and older) to gain access to the victims computer and steal the passwords from there. But the worst part of this story is the fact that Facebook does nothing for the users how get there account hacked. As Facebook does not have any tools for the users to regain access to that account again and reclaim it from the hacker. So the accounts in question remains in the hackers hands and they are free to exploit the information in those users accounts for there own gain.

A example of hacked Facebook accounts. They are in the numbers of hundreds far as I can see.

I might be hoping for too much to expect that Facebook might fix this issue and recover peoples Facebook accounts that have been hacked by this hacker or group of hackers.