The web hosting company that hosts racist material and does nothing about it

On the internet there is a lot of good stuff. But there is also a lot of bad stuff on the internet. Provided by people how thrive in hatred of others just for there own pleasure. Also on the internet there are hosting companies that provide space for this people to spread there hatred. One of this trash cans on the internet is an hosting company called (it says .com in the title of the web page, I guess that one point in time they forgot to renew there domain name). This web hosting company is hosting racist web site called (no live links). But it contains racist material in Icelandic. As it is pointed towards Icelandic people. This web site owner has already been sued in Iceland, along with its web site. More details on the web site owner of can be found here.

The hosting company in question does nothing. Except to break on those how complains about this illegal web site and forwards to complains to the racist web site owners, where he then posts the complains on his own web site. Where he has now put up the complains on a special web site, it can be found here [..]/negroes/comments/complain.htm. I was one of those people how did complain about it. Thinking that the hosting provider was an honest company. No such luck. The hosting company in question is as rotten and evil as the web site owner of the racist web site. As it forwards directly to him the complains emails that they where getting over this racist web site. Now the racist has posted my name on the web site, along with my current address and my mobile phone number (he got that from whois my domain name).

They also claims to be working on getting it down. But as you might have guessed already. Nothing happens. The consumer service center does nothing at all. In fact, all it seems to do is to forward the complains emails to the racist web site owner as I sad before. I have already complained about this web site to the FBI. But things do happen slowly in FBI land, so I expect this evil web site to be on the internet a while longer, and its owner to walk around free while that is.

I can’t afford suing this web site and its owner into oblivion, as I am poor my self. I do however not tolerate racism when I see, and I am going to do my best to stop it. Since the web site company that hosts this racist web site and does not about it. I look at that hosting company just as guilty as person who is spreading the racist material on the internet. This blog post here is to warn people about this hosting company so they can avoid doing business with it, or if it is doing business with it to move its business to an hosting company that does not support racist material on the internet.