Xenophobic minister of Ministry of Interior in Iceland

Ögmundur Jónasson is the minister of Ministry of Interior in Iceland. He is a xenophobic towards everyone that is not a Icelander. But not only that. He is also authoritarian in nature. For the past few months everything that has come from his ministry in Iceland only is about banning things.

What Ögmundur Jónasson has stated he wants to ban in Iceland or limit to foreigners how want to live in Iceland.

He wants to ban online poker in Iceland. Regular poker for profit is already banned in Iceland.
He wants to ban online pornographic material in Iceland. Distributions and owning pornographic magazines or other types of such material is forbidden in Iceland by laws already. He wants to censor the internet in Iceland in order to “protect the children” as he explained it in the news.
He wants to ban foreigners from owning a house or a land in Iceland. If people how are not Icelanders want to own a house or a land in Iceland. They have to apply for special permit in order to do so. This is going to apply to everyone. Not just for people how are from outside EFTA/EEA/EU area (that Iceland is part of). He seeks to justify this by quoting danish laws in this regards. Danish laws that might not even be in force today.

This people have already been successful in banning strippers. Along with prostitution (Swedish model) in Iceland. Both bans have resulted in more problems they where meant to resolve. Along with making the ban on alcohol advertisements even stronger then it currently is in Iceland.

Since Ögmundur Jónasson became minister of justice affairs in Iceland. His suggestions on what to ban in Iceland has grown ever longer. It is unlikely that Ögmundur Jónasson is going to keep his Ministry after the election that take place in April. This is why he might be pushing out this wish list of bans he wants to put in place before the public remove him from office. But there is a great risk of damage he can do in this amount of time.

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