The Kernel is yellow journalism

There is less to the website The Kernel than meets the eyes. This news site appears to be nothing more than yellow pages of the Daily Express. I fully expect them next to start covering alien abductions and pictures of big-foot. There is an interesting information about this news site in the whois information. Mostly that the website was just created in 2011, so it’s news with less than 5 years running time. They are based in Germany and located in Berlin according to there whois information. There domain is also about to expire next month. They run no advertisement at all and have no source of income that I can see. They clearly do not sell subscriptions to the website that I can see. So how they remain funded is a big mystery to me.

The whois information:

Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-08-05 08:04:22
Creation Date: 2011-11-14 17:39:14
Registrar Expiration Date: 2013-11-14 17:39:14
Registrar:, LLC
Registrant Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Registrant Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Registrant Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Registrant Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Registrant City: Berlin
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 10997
Registrant Country: Germany
Admin Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Admin Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Admin Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Admin Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Admin City: Berlin
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: 10997
Admin Country: Germany
Admin Phone: +49.1725814448
Admin Fax:
Admin Email:
Tech Name: Rupert Hoffschmidt
Tech Organization: Berlin42 Lab GmbH
Tech Street: Bethaniendamm 19
Tech Street: c/o Hans Raffauf
Tech City: Berlin
Tech State/Province:
Tech Postal Code: 10997
Tech Country: Germany
Tech Phone: +49.1725814448
Tech Fax:
Tech Email:

The Berlin 42 appears to be a company in Germany, but from a quick search on-line they don’t seem to make anything at all. I found there Facebook page and it’s close to empty with just 42 followers. Here are the German information about this parent company (what I was able to find and that was just about everything). There current style of headlines is in the manner connect with yellow journalism. The type of news papers that thrive and make it’s there business to manufacture scandals, there main agenda is not to inform people. There main agenda seems to be in my view to create as massive damage in there wake as they can. What is worse, they are succeeding in doing so.

Currently most of not all major e-book publisher have closed down there stores or simply just removed all of there catalogues off the internet. Regardless of content or if it’s offending or not. While I do not object to some control over what is published on-line in e-book (in accordance with local laws) it’s good to have to clear on that murder mysteries does not seem to create any controversy among people, yet for some reason when it comes to nude people it does and is easy to manufacture as an big scandal for sake of publicity (in this case Kernel website). The news of the sweeping ban can be found here ( and here (BBC News).

This type of journalism that is taking place at The Kernel “magazine” (or whatever) is not going anyone a favour and as I say before it’s creating huge damage to all e-book publishers. Sine now all e-book publishers are being punished for this type of news reporting. Regardless if they write erotica or not, that is clearly not to benefits of nobody. Expect maybe the people at The Kernel magazine (or whatever they want to call them self). There is little to say about yellow journalism, expect it’s disgusting and people who do such a thing should be ashamed of them self and take a course in ethics at some good school (I guess they won’t do that, they lack the ethics to do so in the first place). You can also be sure that The Kernel is a yellow journalism magazine, they have a “resident astrologer” in the editorial staff. This is just a codeword for bullshit and nothing else. This is what yellow journalism has and is a signature of any bad newspaper out there.

I had not published anything on the e-book platform yet, since things had gotten delayed for me in the past few days for reasons outside my control. While I had not published e-books yet I have my own publishing platform on this website here. I don’t write erotica, it’s not my field of writing. I write science fiction stories and I guess there won’t be a lot of romance in them (at least not for a while I guess) and if there is going to be a romance the stories, it won’t be long or of the nature the yellow journalism is loosing it self over at the moment.

As for the news at The Kernel, it’s just an made up scandals that they are pumping out to gain publicity and short lived fame. It’s nothing else and never was intended to be anything else in my view.