Facebook is spamming your inbox

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I get occasionally an email from Facebook that I did not ask for. This note-faction come from pages that I have not liked at all and I am never going to do so. I have also never subscripted to this pages outside Facebook.

This is Facebook spam in my email. I have never liked this page and reporting it as spam seems to be useless effort.

The thing about this email, that I did not ask about is the fact that this is paid advertising and nothing else. Facebook does not seem to care that it is spamming its users with this crap. Since this is nothing else and it is also an bullshit.

As can be seen here I have not liked this page and I am not going to do so.

This new ways of Facebook to do business means only one thing. The end is near for Facebook and they know it, they are maybe good for next 5 to 10 years if they are lucky. This has already started with Facebook loosing users and activity. As has been explained in news like this one here. As for the Facebook page system, it broken and is aimed to be a pay for view type of system as explained in this news here.

For my pages on Facebook, I refuse to pay for them (even if I had money to do so) since I refuse to spam people accounts.