Long distance television digital reception (TV-DX)

I am now living at the border with Germany here in Denmark, in an town called Padborg. It is a good place to live. In February-2014 I did finally buy an UHF antenna for proper reception of UHF signals so that I could watch DR programmes. I also receive ZDF and other German channels from transmitters located in Germany few km away from me. All signals are Digital since both Germany and Denmark have turned off there analogue signals since few years ago.

Few weeks ago I was searching for new channels on my television when I suddenly did get channels that I normally don’t get (this is called TV-DX). It turns out this was an transmitter at UHF channel 35 located in Kiel, Germany some 80 km distance from me. Few days ago I also managed to receive UHF channel 57 from that same location. I do not know why, but I did not receive the RTL Mux at channel 45. It might because it has less transmission power or it might have been turned off (maybe?). I have found the public channel overview (frequencies) for Germany in Schleswig-Holstein.

So far I have not been able to receive channels from more then 80 km away. I am not sure if I am going to receive anything at longer distance. At least when it comes to Digital television. I have not yet tested FM radio since I do not have proper receiver for that. I also don’t have outdoor FM antenna needed for good long distance reception of FM signals. I plan to add VHF antenna when I can afford it (I am always broke since I am poor). I hope to make that happen in April but no later than in May. I do not know if there are any VHF channels out there (maybe with countries that have not yet moved to Digital broadcasts), but at least using VHF antenna is good for getting signal for DAB Radio, DAB+ (even if DAB is becoming obsolete [extra link about this in Danish] here in Denmark).

Post updated at 09:47 CET at 07-March-2014.