Why I might not move to Germany

I never make a plan without having a backup plan attached to it. This particular backup plan that I have now started is connected to my earlier post on how I found my self in a big city and that I wanted to move to Frankfurt. If that does not happen for some reason, and it might happen for a one reason or an other. If my plan on moving to Frankfurt, Germany fails. My second plan is to simply move to Copenhagen in Denmark.

What is so dangerous to my plan on moving to Germany that it might fail. It is simple. I use the internet much today and that usage is going to increase in next few years as more video content gets on-line. In Germany, as in so many countries the phone and internet companies have started to add data caps to there internet subscriptions. In Germany that is around 300GB pr month. What I plan to do and what I am already doing on the internet requires good amount of bandwidth. Far more than just 300GB a month that is the top amount of data that is currently being offered in Germany. It is also a fact that service like Netfix (and Amazon, Youtube and so on) is going to take a lot of data and does so already. So when it comes down to it, something stupid and simple like data limit on the internet connection might stop my plan on moving to Germany. I however don’t know until the year 2020 at the earliest if I am going to move to Germany or not, if I wait until the year 2024 I might as well just stay in Denmark and move to Copenhagen. At that time the plan is going to go under a reconsideration if I don’t act on it by then.

On data caps in Germany

Flat-Rate Fiasco: Telekom Plan to Limit DSL Worries Berlin (Spigel.de, 2013)
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O2 bringing in broadband data caps in 2014 in Germany, power users face throttling (zdnet.com, 2013)