The new nude image scandal

So there is new nude image “scandal” going on. What is the scandal is not that people posing nude in front of the camera. That is normal in my view and I don’t care about it. What is troubling is the idea that people think they have privacy on-line. It doesn’t matter who you are, when you are on-line, you don’t have privacy and you should not expect it. If you use any on-line service (name does not matter) you can expect what you keep there is going to leak. The reason is that security is weak and there are always going to be bad security flaws, bad employees, bad people, or some other factors that I don’t know about.

Digital material is easy to move around. Treat it as such. If you want to keep your stuff private. Don’t put it on-line on any on-line service. It is a rule that works. This is also basic security. Also forget about computer repair stores, they leak this type of images all the time. Here is one examples from few years ago.

Verizon staff arrested for stealing customer’s nude pics (The Register, Year 2012)

If you are a celebrity and into taking nude pictures of your self. Don’t put them on-line. This is also a good rule if you are just normal person. That way you can keep your privacy up to a point (remember, digital material is easy to move around).