Facebook continues to allow violence videos

Facebook continues to allow violence videos on its website. At the same time it is banning something harmless as nudity on it, with a full force. Earlier I reported a video showing a women in hands of Al Qaeda or the fundamental extremist of ISIS (or what they are calling them self today). Daily Mail has news on this video and it can be read here (Warning! The video can be seen on Daily Mail website. I do not know if it is the full or edited version!). This video has been removed from YouTube where it first appeared (I think). The story with Facebook is different, they refused to remove this video and claimed it didn’t break any rules. The shameful excuse of claim can be read here.


This is shameful behaviour of Facebook and goes to show that they are not taking there responsibilities as social network seriously. For this I suggest a fine of no less then 300 million euros by the law authorities in Europe and U.S.


Video of women being executed by terrorists doesn’t violate Facebook Community standards.


Violence is no problem at Facebook, in fact, they don’t give a shit. Only nudity and human kindness is (that is removed right away).

Article updated at 16:52 UTC on 24-February-2015.