How Dansk Folksparti lies in the danish press about crime

The Dansk Folksparti is currently lying about crime of foreigners in Denmark. What is the worst is that DF gets away with this because of sloppy news reporting in Denmark about the deliberate lies of DF. From this lies, the demand for border control

While I am not going detail DF just yet (I am still working my way into danish politics and that is going to take me few years). I am going to uncover the most oblivious lies and false claims in the media. Somebody has to fight the fascist ideas that DF is spreading in Danish society and harming Denmark in the process.

The fact is quite simple. The majority of crimes committed in Denmark is done by danish citizen and not by foreigners. This is an fact that DF never brings up, because they like to blame crime in Denmark on foreigners living and working in Denmark.

Some basic static and information.

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EU ministers should avoid the dangers of right and left extremist politics in Europe

Tonight is a sad night I reckon. Not only have EU minsters dedicated to suspend too a degree the Schengen agreement due to a refugee problem (so claimed) in Europe. This problem is over inflated by extremist politicians (too the right or left) how want to gain popularity by pointing out issues that are not there to begin with.

While that it is true that refugees that come to Europe have to be dealt with. This is the wrong way to do so and has always been. As it does not solve the issue on how to get refugees properly housed in Europe or integrated into Europe culture if they wish to remain in Europe. All that imposing border controls in Europe does is to punish citizen of EU member states and the Schengen states outside of EU (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland). It is also worth noticing that in size of the population, refugees into Europe is still a small number.

The root of this issue is the growing popularity of right wing extremist in politics and also growing left wing extremism in politics. It is a fact that Europe has a extremely bad lessons from giving into the demands of the extremist, as they are just into it for there own gains. Euro-sceptics should not be listen too, as they long for the old days of war in Europe.

No political party in Europe should take part in what the extreme political parties to the left or right are going for. It is also clear that public in Europe should and needs to refuse the ideas that this extreme political parties offer. As in the long term such direction is only going to hurt the population and is not going to solve the refugee issue. Closing down the border is not going to solve that issue at all. It is only going to make it more complex and harder to deal with in the long term.

Populist politicians are short sighted and generally dumb. But they are generally found on the extreme arm of the political spectrum. They should always be refused any power for any reason at all. When this type of people get into power the results are always and always will be a disaster. As is proven today when moderate political parties try to follow the damaging and dangerous path of extremist political parties, in order to gain popularity with in there own countries.

Schengen agreement and its implementation must not be sacrificed on a short sighted mission to solve a temporary (5 to 10 years) problem that has appeared in Europe (refugees from northern Africa). Doing so is against EU ideas and what Europe has been working for for the past 59 years.

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White racist argument fail

Raists love to publish there nonsense and hatred all over the place. But there is just one thing that they cannot deal with. But that is people argument with them on the internet. If you do not agree with them and can dismantle there nonsense clearly and effective and clear manner you get a instant ban on the web site or the you tube channel.

Here is a good example of this argument fail.

As you can see, this white racist just bans everyone that she cannot make a argument with. I want to note that I have already been banned from here channel few days ago. After she lost a argument with me over this nonsense that she is using spreading on youtube.

To see the failure in action, please go here. But be warned, you can expect that the owner of the channel blocks you for making a argument that she cannot handle.