Legal threats from an racist in the U.S

Do you know what I got in the email today. A legal threat, from an racist no less. I do not fear this legal threat, as this is type of behavior is quite common among those people how claim freedom of speech for them self. But once someone starts to make an counter points, or just flat out tell them that they are just plain racist. This is the response, threats and attempts to censor the critics. Any and all lawsuits against me can be nothing more then an perjury. As this man has no legal base to make his case against me and others how have been standing against his racism and human hatred. It is also well known fact that Donald E. Pauly (profile here) is under investigation for racism in Iceland, by the Icelandic Police since late January. I am going to assume that Icelandic police has or is preparing to forward this matter to the FBI. But I have already complained about this man to the FBI via legal channels. It is also worth noting that Icelandic Legal code (chapter XV. kafli. Rangur framburður og rangar sakargiftir.) does not favor his legal threats, as wrong claims or being sued on false claims can results in jail time up to 4 years, at minimum 1 year, or just plain fines for that matter.

The email threat that I got in the email now. One email address has been blanked out, as I do not got the permission to publish it. This picture is released into public domain. Anyone is free to use it anywhere for unlimited time. Just mention where you got it and my proper name. Click on the image for full size.

He has also threatened the newspaper DV with lawsuit already. People can read about it here (Icelandic). It remains to be seen if Donald E. Pauly makes good of his threats. As for my pockets. I am known to let them grow into considerable depths if I have to. But unlike Donald, I got friends how are willing to support me if its get down to it.

If Donald E. Pauly did think that this would stop me. He is wrong, this won’t stop me. I am just going to write more about him and what he is doing to fuel hatred on people. I have also contacted my hosting company and warned about him. They told me what needs to happen before I have to remove anything. It is also worth noticing that I never answer any of his emails. I just collect them in the case there is an actual lawsuit with everything that follows it (I’ve been to court before, so I know what this means in real life).

Update 1:

More legal threats in my email box.

This is the email threat that I got in the email now. One email address has been blanked out, as I do not got the permission to publish it. This picture is released into public domain. Anyone is free to use it anywhere for unlimited time. Just mention where you got it and my proper name. Click on the image for full size.

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The web hosting company that hosts racist material and does nothing about it

On the internet there is a lot of good stuff. But there is also a lot of bad stuff on the internet. Provided by people how thrive in hatred of others just for there own pleasure. Also on the internet there are hosting companies that provide space for this people to spread there hatred. One of this trash cans on the internet is an hosting company called (it says .com in the title of the web page, I guess that one point in time they forgot to renew there domain name). This web hosting company is hosting racist web site called (no live links). But it contains racist material in Icelandic. As it is pointed towards Icelandic people. This web site owner has already been sued in Iceland, along with its web site. More details on the web site owner of can be found here.

The hosting company in question does nothing. Except to break on those how complains about this illegal web site and forwards to complains to the racist web site owners, where he then posts the complains on his own web site. Where he has now put up the complains on a special web site, it can be found here [..]/negroes/comments/complain.htm. I was one of those people how did complain about it. Thinking that the hosting provider was an honest company. No such luck. The hosting company in question is as rotten and evil as the web site owner of the racist web site. As it forwards directly to him the complains emails that they where getting over this racist web site. Now the racist has posted my name on the web site, along with my current address and my mobile phone number (he got that from whois my domain name).

They also claims to be working on getting it down. But as you might have guessed already. Nothing happens. The consumer service center does nothing at all. In fact, all it seems to do is to forward the complains emails to the racist web site owner as I sad before. I have already complained about this web site to the FBI. But things do happen slowly in FBI land, so I expect this evil web site to be on the internet a while longer, and its owner to walk around free while that is.

I can’t afford suing this web site and its owner into oblivion, as I am poor my self. I do however not tolerate racism when I see, and I am going to do my best to stop it. Since the web site company that hosts this racist web site and does not about it. I look at that hosting company just as guilty as person who is spreading the racist material on the internet. This blog post here is to warn people about this hosting company so they can avoid doing business with it, or if it is doing business with it to move its business to an hosting company that does not support racist material on the internet.

Why Facebook is going to fail in few years

Sometimes on the internet I see an person that I want to know better. Most of the time today this happens on Facebook, sometimes on MySpace (but I don’t go there often, too confusing interface that they have). But there is an problem with my way of meeting new people online. That problem is Facebook and there way of controlling what people I want to befriend on Facebook. Because soon as you start to send friend requests to people how you have no common friend with. You get an threat like this.

I find this quite unfriendly of Facebook to threaten this. As the number of friend request to total strangers are less then 10 pr month for me.

This is also the reason why Facebook is going to fail in about 5 to 10 years time. This is given that Facebook behaviour is not going to change in that. But I currently doubt that, as the founder of an company normally set it’s principal it works on.

In the case of Facebook it the principle of greed and control that rule the day on Facebook. It is not about connecting people as it is set by Mark Zuckerberg and the other people (wiki) how did start Facebook.

The fact is simple. Facebook is quite unfriendly web site, even if it claims to be an web site to meet friends and meet new people. As Facebook is making sure that you don’t meet new people. Because when you try to do so, they claim that you are spamming and threaten to block your ability to become friends with new people on Facebook.

When something better then Facebook appears on the internet. It is going to replace it. As Facebook replaced MySpace and MySpace did replace the social web site before it. It is an old and well known history.

Italian police censor a comedian how posted a online saturate of Berlusconi

The Italian police have censored a Italian comedian for posting a online saturate of Berlusconi behavior as of late. This saturate also points out the fact that Berlusconi is a master of avoiding criminal charges by simply passing a law that avoid him landing a jail for 40 years jail sentence for political corruption.

Here is the text that the Italian Police did try to censor for Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy and a international shame. He is also a shame in Europe, as for his action part of Italy are in a bad state with corruption and crime problems.

Sequestrato dalla Polizia il giornale online Leggete l’articolo incriminato e ditemi se non siamo in uno Stato confusionale!

BLOG di VALERIA ROSSI – Non ho mai, MAI desiderato in vita mia la morte di nessun essere umano. Giuro. Neanche di quelli che mi avevano fatto i peggiori torti. Il massimo accidente che ho tirato a qualcuno è stato “ti venisse mal di pancia”.
Oggi, però, mi accordo di desiderare, dal profondo del cuore, la morte di Silvio Berlusconi .
Non solo: mi sento proprio disposta ad andarlo a far fuori personalmente.
Ma mi sento in colpa, per questi pensieri? Mi sento parte del “partito dell’odio”?
Nah. Neanche un po’.
Perché finalmente mi si è accesa la lampadina. Ho visto la luce. Ho capito la verità.
Non ci si può sentire in colpa desiderando che Berlusconi muoia, perché quello NON è un essere umano .

Dopo gli ultimi avvenimenti, compresi quelli di ieri (che Di Pietro ha definito un vero e proprio “golpe”, e che se non lo sono ci picchiano vicino), ho capito finalmente che il premier non è un industriale, né un politico (vabbe’, quel dubbio lì non mi ha mai sfiorato), né un delinquente o un mafioso: è un alieno dotato di formidabili poteri ipnotici.

Ha ipnotizzato una (grossa) fetta di italiani ed è solo per questo che è ancora lì, sempre lì, immutabilmente lì.
Di sicuro ha ipnotizzato Napolitano (che già l’aria un po’ predisposta ce l’aveva, diciamolo), che non si decide a sciogliere le camere e continua ad invocare improponibili dialoghi e impossibili rasserenamenti “per il bene del Paese”, quando è palese, evidente, lampante che il Paese è bloccato – e bloccato resterà – dalle ennesime vicende giudiziario-sessuali dell’ ET.
Ha ipnotizzato deputati e senatori che, anziché fuggire ululando sulla collina come dovrebbe fare qualsiasi persona normale di fronte al degrado morale in cui si sono ritrovati invischiati, si stringono intorno a lui, anzi tornano a lui anche dopo essersene allontanati.
Eddai, su: è mai possibile che una persona normale che aveva fatto scelte politiche diverse, che aveva preso le distanze da quello che in molti credevamo essere “solo” malato di mente (ma ora sappiamo che ha una mente aliena, quindi per forza ragiona in modo diverso dal nostro!), torni sui suoi passi PROPRIO quando ‘sto tizio si fa beccare con la manacce zozze sotto la gonna di una minorenne? No, non c’è spiegazione che tenga: né denaro, né promesse di posti o di cadreghini, suvvia: il normale membro di una società civile DEVE avere dei limiti. Anche all’avidità.
Quindi si tratta per forza di ipnosi.

La stessa che ha utilizzato probabilmente con le ragazze… perché, dai: una puoi anche trovarla, che per un posto in qualche Regione o Provincia si abbassi ad intrattenere sessualmente un viscido vecchio “dal culo flaccido” (che poi, vedete? Appena si allontanano un po’ dall’influsso alieno, le ragazze al telefono si rendono anche conto di quello che stanno facendo. Sono in preda ai dubbi): ma quindici? Venti? Cinquanta?
E’ ipnosi, ipnosi. Non c’è storia.
Non capisco come non me ne sia resa conto prima: forse, un pochino, l’influsso malefico aveva raggiunto anche me.

Ora, uno potrebbe dire: “Vabbe’. Ha ipnotizzato tutti, su questo non ci piove. Ma non potrebbe essere semplicemente un bravo ipnotizzatore umano ?”
Eh, no! Non può.
Primo, perché l’ha ammesso lui stesso, in conferenza stampa. Ha detto: “ Sono il recordman dei processi in Italia, nel mondo ed anche delle creature che abitano gli altri Pianeti “. Testuale.
Secondo: ricordate l’attentato? La statuina del Duomo, i denti rotti, la faccia tutta spetasciata?
Ma vi pare che un umano sarebbe potuto apparire in pubblico, pochi giorni dopo, senza neanche una cicatricina piccola così?!?
Quella è stata rigenerazione spontanea: oppure l’intervento di una scienza misteriosa che noi non riusciamo neppure a capire.
Niente a che vedere con il povero, buon, vecchio pianeta Terra.

Pertanto, Berlusconi va fatto fuori. Non “politicamente”, come ho sempre sostenuto quando pensavo che fosse un uomo, ma proprio fisicamente .
E siccome temo che molti, troppi italiani siano obnubilati dai suoi poteri, vorrei proprio pensarci io, in prima persona, a farlo fuori: certa che non verrei mai condannata per questo, ma insignita di altissime onorificenze (anche da quelli che finalmente, liberati dall’influsso, capirebbero di essere stati soggiogati da una forza aliena e si sentirebbero finalmente liberi, grazie a me).
Un’ EROINA, sarei. Mica baubaumiciomicio.

Solo che ho un po’ di problemi: come raggiungerlo, prima di tutto… perché avendo solo una ventina d’anni meno di lui, ed essendo quindi una vecchia babbiona, non verrei mai accolta alle serate di Arcore.
Come giornalista non posso neanche arrivargli vicino, perché si sa che sono comunista, quindi mi spara prima lui.
Devo pensarci. Si accettano suggerimenti.

E poi devo risolvere il secondo problema: come ammazzarlo, proprio tecnicamente.
Perché se quella del Duomo è stata rigenerazione spontanea, so’ cavoli amari: rischia di essere immortale o quasi.
Gli spari? Si autoguarisce. Lo avveleni? Va a sape’: magari l’arsenico, sul suo pianeta, lo vendono ai bar come la Ceres. Arma bianca? Eh… bisogna arrivargli vicino-vicino, c’è il rischio che finisca ipnotizzata anch’io. C’è il rischio che mi convinca a dargli un bacio in bocca, anziché pugnalarlo: così, invece di ammazzare lui, mi suicido io.

So’ problemi, eh. Bisogna studiarlo bene, ‘sto piano.
Ma prima bisognerebbe sciogliere il nodo principale: è lui che sa guarirsi da solo, oppure ci sono altri alieni sulla Terra, pronti a correre in suo aiuto e a resuscitarlo ogni volta che serve?
E nel caso, CHI li guida?
Qualche sospetto ce l’ho: La Russa, per esempio, sembrerebbe proprio uno che a prendere sembianze umane ci ha provato, ma non è che la cosa gli sia riuscita benissimo.
E di Brunetta, ne vogliamo parlare?
Potrebbe essere che ‘sta razza aliena sia molto più piccola di quella umana…e che allungarla sia un procedimento complesso: quindi quello che doveva apparire più spesso in pubblico l’hanno stirato un po’ (ma neanche poi tanto), e l’altro per niente. Gli hanno fabbricato sembianze più o meno umane, ma per il resto l’hanno lasciato com’era.
Ah, poi potrebbe essere anche una donna: tipo, che so, la Santanchè. Che, diciamolo, sembra proprio di plastica: tranne che per le mani. Quelle sono riuscite benissimo, sembrano proprio umane: forse è per quello che fa vedere le dita in continuazione.

Insomma, non è facile. Bisogna studiare, programmare, capire bene come affrontare il nemico.
Ci vorrà magari un po’ di tempo, ma io mi ci metto subito: e per favore, datemi un po’ una mano anche voi. Voi che avete uno scudo mentale, dico, e che non siete rimasti del tutto soggiogati.
Specialmente voi che abitate ad Arcore e dintorni…tanto per cominciare, guardatevi un po’ in giro.
E fatemi un po’ sapere se per caso vedete un’astronave.

This is taken from a Italian mirror, see here.

Here is the english translation. Done with Google Translate.

Before the Italian police tries to censor me. I want to point out that I live in Denmark, the domain is registered in the U.S and the hosting is done in the UK. The legal issues are high here. I also want to remind the Italian police of the Streisand effect.

More on this matter.

Italian Police Seize Blog Over ‘Kill Berlusconi’ Satire (

Google (Adsense) incompetence

A incompetence is a problem in all companies, governments and other levels of society. This brings me directly to my points. But it appears that Google Adsense team has issues reading a mixed blog of English and Icelandic (like this blog is). But as it stands Google Adsense does not support Icelandic language in there Google Adsense program. They only offer English as a option in there drop down menu, along with Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and other languages. So I only had the option to apply for english, thinking it would be enough. As my root blog is Icelandic with mixed english. But I guess that the Google employ that did review my web page must have spent less then 20 seconds reviewing it, as my second blog post when the blog was reviewed was in English while the one on top was in Icelandic. As it is clear that the person how did review it did not see the english part of my blog since it did spend so little time actually reviewing it. There is also a option that Google Adsense just refused me because I already carry Amazon ads (that are problem free by the way). But the Google Adsense application form only offers me to add my root web site into there application form. They for instance do not allow me to add my sub blog to there application form. But that blog is only in english and not a mixed language blog like this one (Icelandic, English).

Here is the message that I got from Google Adsense team. I did apply from a Danish IP, that explains the danish replay that I got.


Tak for din interesse i Google AdSense. Efter at have gennemgået din
ansøgning kan vi desværre ikke give dig adgang til AdSense i øjeblikket.

Din ansøgning blev afvist af nedenstående årsager.

– Ikke-understøttet sprog

Translated via Google Translate.


Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your
application, we unfortunately can not give you access to AdSense at the moment.

Your application was rejected for the following reasons.

– Unsupported language

My use of Google is going to start and end with the free service that they offer. It appears that Google Adsense is not worth the trouble, at least I am not going to bother to fight the company that sets up the rules in such way that they always win. But on the side note I am always looking for advertisers for my earthquake and volcano blog. But that blog gets majority of the web traffic of my web sites (100,000 page views on a quiet month), along with my helicorders web pages (above 50,000 page views on a quiet month).

Google Adsense horror stories.

Adsense, no sense at all – what it’s like being sacked by a computer…

The research on Google search

There is a interesting news about Google on the BBC News web site. In this research it is claimed that Google favours it’s own service rather then what is most searched for, making the search results biased towards Google. This is something that Google denies. But checking for this on my own I found that the claim holds true.

The claim is as follows on the BBC News.

Under a search for “e-mail”, for example, the study found that Google’s top result is its own Gmail service – despite the fact that almost twice as many people searching the site subsequently clicked on the second result, Yahoo Mail.

Here is my own result on the matter.

As people can see, the claim did uphold this simple test that I did do here.

In my own personal experience I found out that Google is extremely boring and annoying company to deal with. Specially when it comes to service that they provide, as often support is poor and often none. But that is going to be written about later.

The security shame of Facebook

It is clear that Facebook is having a problem that they don’t want to talk about. The problem is hacking activity and the inability of Facebook to help users recover there accounts that have been hacked. The hacker in question changes the user name to “Hujan Kemarin”. But it does not stop there. He also changes the email address on the user in question, along with password and other information if he needs to.

This is obviously a problem for both users and Facebook. But the issue does not just end there. The issue is also that Facebook does not provide a users the tools or the way to recover there Facebook accounts. But the current solution that Facebook provides is compleatly useless in recovering the hacked account.

Here is the standard email that they send out to people dealing with this issue.


Thank you for taking the time to submit a report. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues logging in to the site. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to every email at this time, but we are reading your reports. Please view the following information to help you find your account and try resetting your password again. Be sure to try every option if you haven’t already done so.

1. Ask one of your Facebook friends to view your profile and send you the email address listed on your account. To do this, ask your friend to click on the “Info” tab on your Profile page and scroll down to “Contact Information.”

2. In option 1, try entering every email address that you have ever owned (one email address at a time). You may have added an email address to your account and forgotten it.

3. In option 1, try entering your current mobile number and all of your past mobile numbers (one number at a time).

4. In option 2, try entering your username. A username is your personalized Facebook URL (web address) and appears in the location bar of your browser after “” when you view your profile. If you don’t know your username, you can have a Facebook friend view your profile and tell you what your username is.

5. In option 3, try a variety of names. For the “Your name” section, try entering variations for your name. You may have signed up for a nickname and forgotten about it. You should also try a variety of friends if the first friend you enter doesn’t locate an account.

Thanks for contacting Facebook, The Facebook Team

The word for this in the simple term is quite simple. They do not care about this issue and choose to do nothing about it.

The question on how the accounts are compromised is simple. The method here is quite simple. The hacker or the hackers use a exploit in Internet Explorer (version 8 and older) to gain access to the victims computer and steal the passwords from there. But the worst part of this story is the fact that Facebook does nothing for the users how get there account hacked. As Facebook does not have any tools for the users to regain access to that account again and reclaim it from the hacker. So the accounts in question remains in the hackers hands and they are free to exploit the information in those users accounts for there own gain.

A example of hacked Facebook accounts. They are in the numbers of hundreds far as I can see.

I might be hoping for too much to expect that Facebook might fix this issue and recover peoples Facebook accounts that have been hacked by this hacker or group of hackers.

A US/Canada border crossing audio recording

Youtube text.

Since this video has been getting so many views, and ppl have been asking the same questions, I figured Id explain a couple things here.
This video was sent to me by someone on facebook. I dont know who the guy is, what the aftermath was, or which crossing this was at.

Im noticing something from all the comments tho. For the most part, it seems like the ppl who have the menatality that “everything is OK”, that the war on terror is real, that osama brought the towers down, that terrorists hate us for our ‘freedoms’ and are hell bent on destroying us all… you know, that whole false paradigm way of thinking.. these people for the most part have this attitude that the guy got what he deserved; that he shouldve just stfu, sat down, and complied.
I have a problem with that tho, and thats mainly because these agencies, these ppl, these govt’s, are supposed to work for us, the people. Not the other way around. This guys job is not to treat other humans like dogs. They are not there to treat us all like potential criminals, like pieces of shit that have no rights, and should feel privilidged to even be able to travel to the US. It isnt to act like complete dicks, trying to get a reaction… which is exactly what went on here. That cop was looking for this reaction, and escalated it from the second the interview started.
Just because this guy gave them a little attitude back, they couldnt take that, so they got pissed off and arrested him. and to make matters worse they tell him moving away from a cop is assult. WTF.
Is this not fascism? This is like nazi germany.. show me your papers…

The guy sounded to me like someone whos been throiugh this whole song n dance before, and got aggitated because he knew the nonsense he was about to go through.
So why is it that the cop can give this guy attitude, but this guy cant give it right back. People seem to think cops or anyone with a badge is some how above us, and we must do exactly as they say. But in reality these ppl are paid by tax dollars; they are here for us. So for them to turn around and act like this, is inexcusable.

This guy had every right to give a little attitude back to those pricks. How about starting the conversation off with hello fellow human, how are you? instead they set the tone by asking rapid fire questions, giving the guy no time to answer the questions.. and as soon as the guy gives a little attitude back, the cop hates that, because its undermining his power… and thats why 90% of these guys took the job afterall… because theyre power tripping bullies.
Soon as some guy takes away their upperhand or lets them know theyre not gonne bend over, this infuriates them. And thats what we see here.

They arrest the guy for talking back. He didnt do anything illegal, he didnt break the law. The cops could easily have said fuck off buddy go home, youre not getting in to this country with that attitude. Instead they just wanted to arrest him and get him in jail. Because who do you think you are, talking back to a border cop.

Moral of the story is fuck these bullies and fuck the over reaching govt, both in the US and in Canada (mind you our shitty policies are a result of the US telling our govt what to do and how to act, under the guise of this bs ‘war on terror’.

Everyones being fooled by this false pretense nonsense since 9/11.
It wasnt the arabs, stupid!

More on the information blackmail by the U.S Government

So here is the situation. The U.S Government (U.S State Department) is now threatening corporations with laws claims that what Wikileaks is doing is illegal. By doing so the U.S State Department is breaking due process of the U.S law as it is laid down in there constitution and law processes. So far nobody inside the U.S Government has proved that the leaking of those documents and publishing them is illegal and against any law in the U.S. This makes the U.S State Department a liars and in violation with there own main law and processes. Any company that gets contact from U.S State Department with claims that what Wikileaks is doing is illegal should require that U.S State Department proof there claims by a letter from the lawyer and until that is done refuse to work with them in any way in regards with there demands until that has been done.

I am sure that the U.S State Department is not going to call back if this types of demands are put forwards. As the fact of that matter is that U.S State Department does not hold any legal poisons in this matter. They can complain all they want in the media. But that does not changes the facts of the matter.

Now, there are also threats going on in regards to students and there future chances of getting jobs with the U.S government. According to CNN the U.S Government has forbidden students to read the U.S Embassy cables on Wikileaks.

(CNN) — U.S. agencies have warned some employees that reading the classified State Department documents released by WikiLeaks puts them at risk of losing their jobs. But what about students considering jobs with the federal government? Do they jeopardize their chances by reading WikiLeaks?


E-mails went out last week to students at several schools, including Boston University’s School of Law, Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, cautioning students against commenting on or posting links to the documents on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.


This is copied from here (CNN).

Now this is interesting. As the U.S Embassy cables are out and have lost there security level that they had before. This types of threats are intolerable for so many reasons. The first thing is the fact people might not avoid reading the U.S Embassy cables and the second fact it that even if they read something today they might not be on there way to work with the U.S Government in next five to ten years. But what after twenty to thirty years or longer. What then ?

I also find this highly amusing.

So, can just reading about the leaked documents in the media jeopardize your chances of getting a job with the federal government?

Probably not, said McNeal. But commenting on them online or distributing them might create a pattern of behavior that raises red flags during screening for the highest levels of security clearance, which often require polygraph tests.

“I don’t think looking at them alone could hurt anyone. The problem is when you’re looking and then supporting and endorsing, then you start running into trouble. That’s where you run the risk of jeopardizing the security clearance on character grounds,” he said.

(From the same CNN News as above)

I find this amusing because the a polygraph tests are bullshit and have always been a pile of bullshit. There is no wonder why the integrity of the U.S government is so poor when they allow this type of nonsense happening at highest levels.

As for Hillary Clinton, Secretary of U.S State Department. It is now my view that she should resign or at least apologize for the current U.S State Department violation of the U.S Law code. As the U.S State Department cannot legally claim that Wikileaks is breaking any laws.