Pictures from Flensburg, Germany

I haven’t had a lot to write about since June. But I did go to Flensburg, Germany that is just 7 km south of my location and I took few pictures. Were I live not many things happens so more pictures from Flensburg, Germany are going to show up here and from other places around were I live when I go there.

The main town square of Flensburg. Showing a gray house on the lefti side of the image with a crown like roof and slope sides. Windows. More houses on the right side. On the right side of the there is a part of a tree, three houses and one old white house
The main square in Flensburg, Germany.
The harbour area and grey stone road on the centre of the image. On the right there are blue poles that mark the road were the car drive, and a row of high houses were both people live, bars are entertainment places exist
The harbour area of Flensburg, Germany, next to the road.
Three common mallard ducks on a small part of a wooden harbour. Next to the ocean.
Mallard ducks in Flensburg, Germany.